I - Instruction

Series I - Instruction
Instructional Goals IA
Academic Freedom IB
School Year/School Calendar IC/ICA
School Day ID
Curriculum Development IGA
Alternative Programs IGBH
Curriculum Adoption IGD
Basic Instructional Program IHA
Occupational Education IHAI
Health Education IHAM
Parental Notification Relative To Sex Education IHAM-1
Sample Notice To Parents/Guardians IHAM-1-E
Health Education (Exemption Procedure) IHAM-R
Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco IHAMB
Education Of Students Of High Potential IHBB
Compensatory Education (Title 1) IHBD
Bilingual Instruction IHBE
English Language Learners IHBEA
Home Schooling IHBG
Adult Education Programs IHBHB
Library Resources IIAC
Reconsideration of Instructional Resources IIAE
Instructional Materials IJ
Instructional Materials - Videos and DVDs IJ-R
Textbook Selection and Adoption IJJ
Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption IJK
Library Materials Selection and Adoption IJL
Library Materials Selection and Adoption IJL-R
Special Interest Materials Selection and Adoption IJM
Field Trips IJOA-1
Out of State and/or Extended Overnight Trips IJOA-R
School Volunteers IJOC
Academic Achievement IK
Reporting to Students and Parents / Caregivers IKAB
Homework IKB
Promotion and Retention of Students IKE
Graduation Requirements IKF
Graduation Exercises IKFB
Evaluation of Instructional Programs IL
District Program Assessments ILBA
Teaching Activities/Presentations IMA
Teaching About Controversial Issues/Controversial Speakers IMB
School Ceremonies and Observances IMD
Computer/Network/Internet Acceptable Use IME
Service Animals in Schools IMG