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Letter from the Superintenent

February 26, 2021

Dear Bourne Families,

The update today will be brief but I thought t was important to keep everyone informed about the potential changes being discussed at the state level and the planning that was already underway in the district.

As many of you know, we have increased in-person learning time for many groups of students based on need. Next, our priority remains our youngest learners. Families of Bournedale students responded to a survey indicating their choice of learning model. Now all that information is part of on-going planning to make weekly, in-person learning a reality for all K-2 students. There is still much to do including scheduling, staffing, possible homeroom reassignments, and classroom moves but we have a tentative target date of Tuesday, March 23 to begin this plan. In the coming weeks we will be able to solidify this date and will keep parents informed should the timeline change.

In other important news, in Tuesday Commissioner Riley attended a press conference where he announced that he is moving forward with a proposal to the Board of Education (BOE) for a "phased-in-plan to return to in-person learning." There is not a date yet for  the Board of Education to vote on his plan but it is expected to be in the next 1-2 weeks. We are still seeking answers and clarification to many aspects of what he is proposing. There are however, a few points that he made very clear during meeting recently that are below:

  • For the remainder of this year, families may still opt into a remote only learning model. Early next week we will release a short survey to families about your preference of learning model and transportation needs. These surveys will form the basis of planning and we ask that you will fill out information for each of your children.
  • The Commissioner will request that the BOE change the Student Learning Tim e(SLT) requirements effectively making hybrid learning 'not count' toward the hours required each year by law. Hybrid and remote learning were allowed this school year due to the pandemic but if the proposal goes forward, the only learning models that will be allowed are full remote or full in-person.
  • Additionally, the Commissioner stated that he will advocate for all districts to have in-person learning five days a week by the first week of April. In addition, the middle school and high school will have tentative return dates in his forthcoming proposal to the BOE.

We intend to work collaboratively with our faculty/staff and families to be responsive to these changes as they unfold. I will be sure to share more information as it becomes available. 

FYI: This Wednesday, 3/3 is a regular School Committee Meeting and our Annual Budget Hearing for FY22. The regular meeting will start at 6pm via zoom and  the Budget Hearing will start at 7pm. Please see our website for the agenda and links to the presentation and zoom access.

In partnership,

Kerri Anne Quinlan-Zhou, Ed.D., Superintendent


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