Directions:  Choose at least one book from the list (according to the grade level you will be entering) to read over the summer.  Be sure to read the book descriptions to see which books you might be interested in reading. Your task is to complete the Summer Reading Story Map for any one book on the list.


Be sure to complete the story map carefully, as it will count as one of the first graded assignments for the school year in your ELA class.

The story map is due by Friday, September 6, 2019.  The story map should be turned in to your ELA teacher by this date.

Grade 6 Summer Reading List

Grade 6 Story Map (PDF)

Grade 6 Story Map (Word)

Grade 7 Summer Reading List

Grade 8 Summer Reading List

Grade 7 and 8 Story Map (PDF)

Grade 7 and 8 Story Map (Word)


Enjoy your book, and see you this fall!

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