Student Services


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Student and Family Supports - The family supports link will give access to social stories, opportunities within the district, links to educational and community resources.


Friends Matter - Friends Matter is a partnership between Dr. Zach Rossetti (Boston University) and the Bourne Public Schools.  This link will allow you access to initiaves, scheduled events, and information regarding to the partnership. 


SEPAC - Bourne SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council) is made up of parents of children with special needs, staff and other interested parties. The SEPAC link will allow you access to monthly meeting schedules, guest speakers, SEPAC events and links to important SEPAC information.


504's - The 504 plan is developed to ensure that a child who has a disability identified under the law and is attending an elementary or secondary educational institution receives accommodations that will ensure their academic success and access to the learning environment.  The above link will give you access to materials and beneficial links to understanding the 504 process. 


Special Education - The Special Education link will allow you to explore district programming, accessibility to quick links for special education regulations and procedural safeguards, and supports that are available to our students.