Computer Systems Support Specialist

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Computer Systems Support Specialist
Policy # JD10







Reports to:                  Director of Technology





1.                  Installation, management, maintenance, and improvement of all computer equipment, networks, and software, as indicated by Director of Technology. 


2.                  Serves as a resource on technology matters to teachers, community, and parents.


3.                  When appropriate, participates in building-based management meetings.


4.                  Stays current with new technology and research in their field and makes appropriate recommendations.


5.                  Collaborates with the building Principal and Technology Director in the selection, acquisition, and use of supplies, equipment, software, and supplementary materials related to technology.


6.                  Assists in preparing bid specifications.


7.                  Carries out other duties as may be assigned by the Director of Technology.


8.                  Installs software and hardware updates and improvements.


9.                  Assists local schools and departments in program implementation of existing hardware.


10.              Provides technical assistance on the instructional/administrative uses of microcomputers to staff, schools, and sites.


11.              Provides on-site technological support to schools and departments.


12.              Provides network support, including installation of network hardware, software, and systems.


13.              Provides preventative maintenance, repair, and safety procedures for school sites and district.


14.              Manages work requests, rollouts and other tasks in coordination with the Director of Technology.


15.              Assists in the overall evaluation of the unit’s programs and services providing input, support, and data to the school or department administrator as requested.


16.              Updates personal technological knowledge and skills.


17.              Provides weekly/monthly reports to the Director of Technology concerning areas of responsibility.




·         Network administration experience to include knowledge of Microsoft Server 2K, 2003, Exchange 2003, GFI Apps, Backup Exec, TCP/IP, Switches, and firewalls.   Desktop knowledge to include Windows XP and 2000.  Background knowledge of WiFi, Linux, and Cisco routers would be helpful.


·         Knowledge to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair network and PC problems.  Microsoft certification and/or A+ certification or experience preferred.


·         Preferred cross platform experience/knowledge in order to maintain mixed environment of Macintosh and PC based computers.


·         Must have experience in common software packages including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, and Microsoft Explorer, scanners, and printers. 


·         Educational program knowledge of Student Information Systems, Grading Systems, SPED and Heath applications.

Adoption Date: 8/1/2007
Job Description - Job Descriptions