Director of Student and Special Education Services

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Director of Student and Special Education Services
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reports to:           Superintendent of Schools



Job Goal:               To develop and maintain system-wide programs and services which assure that students realize personal and educational potential and to oversee the system-wide implementation of related state and federal laws.


Supervises:             In collaboration with Administrators:

Special education teachers, assistants, tutors, school psychologists, speech therapists, social workers, adjustment counselors, adaptive physical education teacher, attendance personnel, nurses, bilingual tutors,  clerical staff under Director  of Student and Special Education Services, and all personnel under Pupil Personnel Services grants and contracts.




A.        Academic Success


            Monitors individual student's success and failure, directing action as necessary in collaboration with the principals and the Assistant Superintendent.


            Collaborates with the Assistant Superintendent regarding student progress and achievement on all standardized state and local assessments.


B.         Attendance


            Oversees development of attendance reporting procedures and interventions according to Massachusetts school attendance laws.


C.         Student Records


            Establishes and implements guidelines regarding maintenance of student records according to Massachusetts Student Records Regulations.


D.        Health Services


1.         Coordinates health services program.


2.         Works with the nurse leader regarding the provisions of mandated health services.


3.         Serves as an advisor to curriculum efforts which address health services.


4.         Conducts regular health services meetings with health personnel to achieve K-12 coordination and keeps the Superintendent informed of accomplishments and needs of health services.


5.         Conducts evaluation of school nurses and health assistants in conjunction with the building principal.


E.         Special Education


1.         Directs the implementation of Chapter 766, P.L. 94-142, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.


2.         Collaborates with the principals and instructional staff to identify underachieving students and to respond to their needs initially, and for a reasonable period of time, with adjustments within the curriculum.


3.         Establishes procedures which result in the initiation of a full Core Evaluation when failure of adjustments within the curriculum is clear or when mandated by law.


4.         Approves educational plans for all students recommended by core evaluation teams and, as approved, submits summaries of such dispositions to the Superintendent.


5.         Implements and reviews the services for children with special needs including special classes, resource rooms, integration into regular  classes, itinerant staff services, home and hospital instruction, Cape Cod Collaborative programs, or residential facilities.


6.         Works cooperatively with principals to determine the progress of those students and the effectiveness of special education programs for individual students.


7.         Prepares cases and represents the school district in all Department of Education hearings, mediations, and grievances relating to Student and Special Education Services and prepares staff for their participation, if necessary.


8.         Assists in the principals' selection, orientation, and placement of all Student and Special Education  staff.


9.         Collaborates with principals in evaluation of all Pupil Personnel staff.


10.       Provides leadership and support to staff regarding the implementation of:  a) instructional methods; b) software and other technology beneficial to disabled students (with the Director of Technology); and c) management of legal statutes and district procedures.


11.       Conducts system-wide meetings of special education staff as needed.


12.       Maintains all necessary records of special needs students and submits required local and state reports (including the Annual Plan) for special needs children and associated special needs programs in accordance with required deadlines.


13.       Maintains a permanent inventory of equipment purchased for special needs and Pupil Personnel programs.


14.       Arranges transportation for all special needs children in conjunction with the Transportation Coordinator.


15.       With the Assistant Superintendent, coordinates professional development of all staff in the areas of identification and instruction of special needs students and the implementation of inclusion and other interventions.


F.         Early Childhood


1.         Oversees, in conjunction with the Assistant Superintendent, screening process for preschool and kindergarten children.


2.         Supervises and coordinates early childhood services required under Chapter 766.


3.         Serves as consultant and advisor to early childhood programs.


G.        Public Relations


            Subject to the approval of the Superintendent, provides system-wide information programs to parents and the community.


H.        School Budget and Grants


1.         Develops and submits to the Superintendent of Schools an annual budget for all services and grants under Pupil Personnel Services (94-142, Early Childhood, 89-313).


2.         Coordinates all purchase requisitions for Pupil Personnel Services expenditures.


3.         Provides monthly or as requested projections of account balances.


4.         Researches, recommends, develops, and amends grants which augment goals and needs of Pupil Personnel Services.


I.          General


1.         Participates in appropriate system-wide meetings and provides input into decision-making.


2.         Keeps current and knowledgeable in the areas of assigned responsibility through meetings, reading, workshops, conferences etc.


3.         Writes and oversees grant proposals which support system needs and goals within areas of assigned responsibilities.


4.         Oversees supervision of all Pupil Personnel staff and tutors and provides input to other staff supervision as they discharge responsibilities affecting Pupil Personnel Services.


5.         Assists in the development, implementation, and evaluation and revision of curriculum, procedures, policies and procedures as they pertain the Pupil Personnel Services.


6.         Advises the Superintendent on legal issues pertinent to assigned responsibilities as they may arise or as requested.


7.         Coordinates the scheduling of Pupil Personnel Services itinerant staff.


8.         Oversees the identification of students eligible for protection under the Americans With Disabilities Act and oversees the development an implementation of 504 accommodation plans.


9.         Coordinates transition meetings for students from one grade level to another or from one building to another.


10.       Develops yearly goals and objectives and in-service programs related to Special Education and Parent Advisory Council activities as required.


11.       Attends school committee and subcommittee meetings and prepares necessary reports as requested by the school committee or the Superintendent.


12        Performs other duties assigned by the Superintendent of Schools.



  • A Masters Degree or higher and appropriate certification.


Terms of Employment: A twelve month year in accordance with the employment agreement with the Director of Student and Special Education Services.


Evaluation: The Director of Student and Special Education Services shall be evaluated annually by the Superintendent of Schools in accordance with School Committee policy.



Adoption Date: 3/1/2004
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