Elementary School Secretary

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Elementary School Secretary
Policy # JD19







Reports to:                  Principal


Job Goal:                    To expedite the daily workings of a school office dealing with

                                    the central administration, students, teachers, and parents, under the

                                    direction of the school principal, and in such a fashion to provide

                                    maximum facilitation of the overall educational process of the school

and to promote good will among the wider school and town community.




1.                  Serve as secretary to the principal.
2.                  Prepare faculty handbooks.
3.                  Prepare student handbooks and informational packets.
4.                  Compile, monitor, and update bus lists.
5.                  Compile federal affidavits for collection.
6.                  Respond to all inquiries from staff, students, parents, and principal.
7.                  Assist in the preparation of Department or Education reports, including SIMS.
8.                  Distribute notices to staff.
9.                  Distribute daily notices.
10.              Monitor student absentee answering machine daily and confirm student absences with parents. 
11.              Call absentees if there is an absence of staff concern.
12.              Prepare a daily student absentee report.
13.              Maintain computerized attendance records.
14.              Maintain and keep accurate records of student enrollment.
15.              Report student enrollment to central office.
16.              Report daily staff absences to central office.
17.              Assist in securing substitutes for faculty members.
18.              Process student requests for bus passes.
19.              Process bus discipline forms and distribute copies to Transportation Coordinator, bus driver, and principal. 
20.              Monitor number of behavioral infractions of bus rules on the part of individual students so that system bus policies may be implemented. 
21.              Maintain a calendar of appointments and conferences involving parents, teachers, and principal using a computer program.
22.              Send necessary correspondence to students’ homes.
23.              Distribute daily mail.
24.              Distribute informational flyers from the community to the student body.
25.              Monitor computer files.
26.              Process student transfer files proficiently.
27.              Perform other duties as assigned by the principal.
28.              Maintain professional confidentiality in all matters.
29.       Answer phone and greet people in a friendly and courteous manner.



  • Successful completion of high school.
  • Completion of business school/college courses desirable.
  • Experience in secretarial work desirable.
  • Working knowledge of Micro-Office, Wood, Excel, and other technology required.
  • Ability to utilize up-to-date technology including word files, excel files, email, daily notices, SIMS, school reports, Administrators’ Plus, and Rediker.


Evaluation: Performance will be evaluated in writing annually by the principal.

Adoption Date: 2/6/2004
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