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Assistant Principal
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Reports to:                  Principal


Job Goal:                    To assist the Principal in the overall administration of the school in order to provide the best educational programs and services.


                                    To advise the Principal concerning the development, implementation, and evaluation of school policies, programs, services, and needs.




1.                Supervise and evaluate the performance of professional and paraprofessional staff under his/her jurisdiction.


2.                Monitor and coordinate the student discipline program in accordance with due process rights of students, and deal with special cases as necessary.


3.                Assist the Principal in the development and implementation of the school budget.


4.                Work with the department heads concerning the coordination, development, and assessment of curriculum.


5.                Assist the Principal in the development and implementation of a comprehensive staff development program in order to improve instruction.


6.                Participate in community and school-sponsored events in order to continuously improve upon school-community relations.


7.                Prepare all reports the Principal may request concerning any aspect of the school’s operation.


8.                Attend School Committee meetings when requested to participate in presentations concerning the operation of the school.


9.                Prepare student and staff schedules and coordinate computerized grade reporting and enrollment/attendance reporting systems.


10.            Assist the Principal in conducting needs assessments and evaluating the processes and products of instruction in order to improve instruction.


11.            Coordinate selected school activity programs.


12.            Supervise and coordinate the activities of the department heads.


13.            Serve as Principal in the absence of the Principal


14.            Serve with parent, faculty, and student groups as requested in order to achieve school objectives.


15.            Perform all other tasks and assume other responsibilities as the Principal may assign from time to time.

16.            Attend all department head and faculty meetings as a representative of the Principal.


Terms of Employment:  Work days and salary as per the Collective Bargaining Agreement.



  • Certification as an Assistant Principal-Secondary and a Principal-Secondary in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • Minimum of three years of teaching experience at the secondary level.
  • Minimum of two years or administrative and/or supervisory experience at the secondary level preferred.
  • Master’s Degree
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with students, parents, teachers, and other administrators.


Evaluation:  Performance will be evaluated annually by the Principal.



Adoption Date: 9/4/1985
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