Instructional Media Center Director

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Instructional Media Center Director
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Reports to:      Building Principal


          Job Goals:        To supervise, coordinate and productive use of the Media Center.  To act as a media resource person to staff and parents. Interest in and understanding of students


Supervises:      a. Students using the I.M.C.

                         b. Library support staff




1.         Maintains a computerized inventory of resources and updates collections on a continuous basis. 


2.         Evaluates, selects, and acquires materials and equipment to support the instructional program to meet the various interests, abilities, and maturity levels of students.


3.                  Participates as a resource for departmental planning.


4.         Makes both print and non-print materials and computer resources available

to students and teachers.


5.         Strivers to keep well acquainted with all phases of the school curriculum and prices instruction in the use of both traditional and computer based resources as an integral part of the instruction team.


6.         Encourages teachers and students in the use of and provides information for the multi faceted resources of the Media Center.


7.         Instructs students as well as staff in the use of   instructional materials with a special emphasis on the many resources and databases available online.


8.         Promotes a sequential program of good literature.


9.         Maintains current knowledge of the advances in the field of Media center administration and practice.


10.       Maintains an open atmosphere in the Media Center where staff and students feel free to use its resources during unscheduled periods and after school.


11.       Prepares and submits annual budget requests to the building principal.


12.       Selects, trains, and supervises Media center aides and/or volunteers.


13.       Develops and maintains an effective and secure computerized loan system to ensure maximum availability of materials.


14.       Prepares and submits all reports, obligation lists, etc., as required.


15.       Promotes the use of the Media Center through displays, newspaper articles, staff newsletters, etc.


16.       Performs other related responsibilities as may be assigned by the Principal.  



  • Masters degree in Media Technology or a related field
  • Interest in and understanding of students
  • Computer skills
  • Teacher certification as a Media Specialist 

Evaluation: The Instructional Media Center Director shall be evaluated annually by the school principal in accordance with the terms of the collective bargaining agreement.

Adoption Date: 9/19/2003
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