Kindergarten Teacher Assistant

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Kindergarten Teacher Assistant
Policy # JD36






Reports to:                  Building Principal, Teacher


Job Goal:                    To provide assistance to the classroom teacher in

                                    a variety of instructional and non-instructional activities




1.         Assist, as assigned, in implementing the daily kindergarten program.


2.                  Assist with the supervision of snack and play time.


3.                  Assist, as assigned, in implementing daily program and plans of the total child including special education and 504 plans as necessary.


4.                  Collaborate with teachers regarding the academic social, behavioral, and physical needs and/or modifications, accommodations, or activities of the total child.


5.                  Provide assistance with record keeping, report cards, attendance, collection of money, etc.


6.                  Provide follow-up activities to the teacher’s lessons including working with children individually or in small groups under the direction of the classroom teacher.


7.                  Provide organizational and classroom maintenance assistance as designated by the supervising teacher or Principal.


8.                  Respond to the needs of the students, especially at times when teachers are otherwise not available.


9.                  Participate in designated in-service programs.


10.              Assist the teacher with the coordination and completion of field trips and other programs.


11.              Perform assigned school duties such as lunch, recess, bus, hall, etc.


12.              Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal assigned teachers.




  • Associates Degree or higher
  • Experience with special education and/or regular education students preferred.
  • College level courses in education preferred.


Evaluation: To be evaluated annually by the Principal/Headmaster with the assistance of the assigned teacher.

Adoption Date: 3/1/2004
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