School Bus/Van Driver

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School Bus/Van Driver
Policy # JD59








Reports to:      Transportation Coordinator


Job Goal:        To drive town-owned school bus and/or van




1.      To maintain and service all town operated vehicles associated with the transportation of students.  Such maintenance and service to be limited to those items which do not require mechanical service.


2.      To report, in writing, any condition requiring the services of a mechanic.


3.      At the beginning of each school day; unlock all vehicles, install tow-way radios, check all fluid levels and prepare vehicles for use.  At the end of each day; remove two-way radios and secure all vehicles.


4.      To take vehicles through all required state or federal inspections.


5.      To drive school bus and or van when used for regular day transportation of students or when used for athletic and field trips.


6.      To maintain an accurate daily record of time and task and to submit this record to the Transportation Coordinator each Monday.


7.      To deliver messages, mail or other articles from building to building as deemed necessary by the Transportation Coordinator.


8.      To deliver correspondences to the School Committee and obtain warrant signatures as necessary.


9.      To raise and lower the United States flag at the administration building.


10.  To put out the rubbish from the administration building.


11.  To perform other appropriate tasks as may be assigned by the Transportation Coordinator.



Terms of Employments: 12-month year; hourly wage as determined by School Committee.


Evaluation: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually by the Transportation Coordinator.

Adoption Date: 1/1/1901
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