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School Nurse
Policy # JD61







Reports to:  Principal/Head School Nurse


Job Goal:  To provide professional health care and guidance as they pertain to the total health of students and staff. 




1.                  Conduct mandated school health services.


a.       Physical examinations for sport participation and at specified grade levels.  Vision and hearing screening, immunization updates, postural screening, and height and weight recordings, etc.


2.                  Asses, evaluate, and monitor the specific health needs of identified students.


3.                  Provide daily health services and emergency care in case of injury or sudden illness.


4.                  Provide training for and participate with school staff in developing and implementing individual and school-wide health programs, policies and services.


5.                  Provide health counseling and/or monitoring to staff (i.e. blood pressure or weight) as time permits.


6.                  Provide information on Bourne Schools’ health services, as needed.


7.                  Consult with and advise teachers and parents on health matters, particularly regarding screening programs.


8.                  Review cases of excessive absenteeism where health issues are supposedly involved and handle appropriately.


9.                  Ensure that all health policies, including exclusion of students with contagious or infectious diseases, are followed.


10.              As possible, respond to requests for class education on frequently encountered health matters.


a.       child neglect and abuse

b.      substance use and abuse

c.       nutrition

d.      adolescent pregnancy

e.       blood pressure general health, smoking, etc.

f.       sex education


11.              Assist school personnel in establishing sanitary conditions in school.


12.              Continually pursue professional training to keep skills current, participate in in-service training programs, attend courses, etc., and attend departmental meetings.


13.              Oversee the health records of all children attending assigned schools including children in specialty programs.


14.              Advise head Nurse of an exceptional health matters that arise or are noted.


15.              Notify Head Nurse regarding nurse’s absence.


16.              And, other duties as assigned by the Head Nurse.




  • Valid license to practice as a Registered Nurse in Massachusetts
  • Baccalaureate in nursing from an accredited nursing program
  • Minimum of three years’ experience in school nursing or related field
  • Certification in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation
  • Knowledge of school health and school nursing practice
  • Certification by the State Department of Education as a School Nurse


Terms of Employment:  School Year


Evaluation:  Annually by the Head Nurse with input from building principals.

Adoption Date: 9/19/2003
Job Description - Job Descriptions