2019 Bourne Science and Engineering Fair Results

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Our list fo winners is below, but we must provide a sincere and genuine thanks to the Woods Hole Scientific Community for their salutations and incredible support of our students. In addition, Science and Engineering Fair Coordinators Amy Fish and Eve Vidito organized our best fair ever! Thank you!

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Bourne Science and Engineering Fair winners are -

High School:
  • First Place Woods Hole scholarship: Yasmin Nyman and Kai Chen "Building an Automatic Fish Feeder"
  • First Place Anonymous scholarship: Emily Pike "Using Bacteria to Maximize Voltage Output Through Photosynthesis"
  • First Place SEA Semester scholarship: Grace Gobeil and Sydney Fitzpatrick "The Effect of Studying Techniques on Memorization"
  • Second Place: Ian Milliken "Keep Pets Hydrated!"
  • Third Place: Emily DeGowin "How Sound Frequencies Affect the Growth of Plants"
  • Honorable Mentions: Kam Gomes "Prosopagnosic Glasses", Savannah Kelley & Isabella Trepanier "The Effect of Homemade Nutrients on the Growth of Parsley Plants Grown Hydroponically", and Emma Vickery "The Effects of Positive and Negative Energy on Pea Plants"
Middle School: 
  • First Place: Ryan Lovering and Patrick O'Rourke "Do Different Fin Designs Affect Your Swimming Speed?"
  • Second Place: Dolan Cameron and Benjamin Bass "Liquid Sand Bed"
  • Third Place: Alyssa Hume-Hennessy and Sophia Power "The Science Behind Horoscopes"
  • Honorable Mentions: Casey Berman and Trinh O'Doherty "The Science of Dance" and Hailey Butler and Kaelyn McDonough "Is Acid Rain Killing Our Fish?"




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