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Grade 8-

Students have been studying mental/emotional health. They have been working on expressing their emotions in healthy healthy ways and finding ways to improve self image. Students will be moving on to study mental illness in the following weeks starting with recognizing the signs of anxiety and depression.


7 Ways to Practice Emotional First Aid 


Grade 7-

Students have been studying addiction and the harmful effects of substance abuse.  They are highly engaged in group discussion and eager to begin a final project. Projects are  focused on how addiction can affect those around them and where to locate resources within our community.


Grade 6-

Students have been learning the dangers of nicotine addiction.  They finished the unit by creating acrostic poems or games to share with classmates. Students also used decision making skills and refusal skills to practice avoiding peer pressure.


Grade 5-

It’s all muscles! Students finished studying the muscular system and designed their own exercise routines.  They were able to demonstrate all the major muscles and explain why we can’t live without it.



In mid-February to March we will be studying the importance of eating healthy foods and nutrition.  Students will explore foods in all the different food groups and how to use the food pyramid and the MyPlate programs to categorize the food groups.  In grades 3 and 4 we will finalize this unit with the completion of a Food Poster and grades 1 and 2 will participate in simulated grocery shopping and cooking their meal in the pretend kitchen.


Teen Vaping: Useful Links

Basic Information

National Youth Tobacco Survey Results

FDA Measures

Long-term Health Risks Study

Surgeon General Warning (epidemic)




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