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Steven M. Lamarche

Steven Lamarche

Bourne 2020 creates a logical vision statement all on its own. Going forward, what is obvious for the Bourne community is the realization of physical grade-span school buildings. What is not obvious is the endless work and effort put forth by Bourne Public School employees to stay on a promised path.  

As our guide, the District Improvement Plan establishes our core values to be; All students can learn, all decisions are made in the best interest of students, all students learn best when actively involved in the learning process, and learning will be more successful when school experiences have meaning for students.

Our main goals are to implement fundamental practices across the district that support the maximum academic, social and emotional growth of all students, while assuring a smooth transition from the current Bourne Public School grade configuration to grade span schools all-inclusive of a prek-grade 2, grade 3-5, grade 6-8 and grade 9-12 schools.

Through objectives, action steps and outcomes, our staff has established a path of continuous improvement to operate in in a framework of high expectations for every learner while affirming that there is equity in opportunity for all students. What is understated through all of this is the staffs’ efforts to ensure a public education system that is stable, efficient and responsive to ever-changing demographics, economic changes and ever changing local, state and national issues.

Lastly, if you believe in Bourne and you believe in our profession, putting students first, you will know that we are on the front lines of a daily battle to get learning and teaching right for each Bourne student. This endeavor, to be the best for Bourne, transcends titles, departments and pay scales. We are committed to being the best for every student who lives in our community or graces our hallways. Our staff is ready, willing and excited to bring our collective vision to light in the 2019-2020 School Year.

A proud member of the Bourne educational community,

Steven M. Lamarche


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