Superintendent's Message

Steven M. Lamarche

Steven Lamarche

The Bourne School Committee was presented with the Administration's recommended 2019-2020 School Year Calendar.

A few details of interest include our efforts to step back from early-release days throughout the school year. We know that this places a burden on many families therefore we have recommended a 1-hour early release day no more than two times per month and in singular form for months that have other identifiable times out of school due to teacher conferences or holiday weekends or school vacations. In addition, we recommend a return from school on January 2, 2020. The winter holiday vacation begins at the close of school Friday December 20th. We believe the additional two days of vacation places an undo burden on many families as having two full weeks of winter holiday vacation and then the February vacation as well as the April vacation sets families up for four vacation weeks in a matter of months. Furthermore, we need to account for possible snow days as well as heat days moving forward.



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