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Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

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Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Policy # JD3










Reports to:                  Superintendent of Schools


Job Goal:                    To be responsible for the type and content of instructional programs at all levels (day, afternoon, and evening) with the exception of special education.      



A.     Directly: principals (in conjunction with the Superintendent), director of  technology, art, music, health/physical education, Title I as they discharge responsibilities associated with curriculum, instruction, student achievement, staff and curriculum evaluation, state and local group testing, and professional development.  Reading Resource Teachers and Team Leaders as they carry out their stated responsibilities.


B.     Indirectly: assistant principals, department heads, classroom teachers, and classroom assistants





1.         Develop, maintain, and support a learning structure that integrates curriculum, instruction, and performance.


2.         Assist staff in the development and/or selection of diagnostic materials and tests appropriate to the curriculum.


3.         Provide quality in-service programs and other professional development opportunities that result in improved learning and increased student achievement.


4.         Assist principals in planning and implementing effective supervisory and evaluative programs.


5.         Encourage, plan, and evaluate classroom and system wide instructional technology and other innovations consistent with proven educational practice and research.


6.         Provide leadership in the integration of instructional technology across the curriculum.


7.         Conduct ongoing evaluations of the instructional programs with appropriate reports to the Superintendent.


8.         Develop and implement appropriate orientation for teachers new to Bourne in conjunction with the principals.


9.         Recommend textbooks and instructional software to be adopted to the Superintendent.


10.       Assist in the selection and assignment of staff members as directed by the Superintendent.


11.       Approve requests for attendance at professional meetings and conferences for teachers, principals, and assistants.


12.       Approve requests for courses to be paid for teachers and assistants.


13.       Attend School Committee and Subcommittee meetings and prepare necessary reports for same as requested by the Superintendent in his/her area of responsibility, and act on behalf of the Superintendent in his/her absence.


14.       Review professional evaluations of instructional staff.  Supervise the development of action plans for improvement by principals, department heads, directors, subject to the review and approval of the Superintendent as is associated with curriculum and instruction.


15.       Supervise the scheduling of itinerant instructional staff and assistants.


16.       Assist in the recruitment and selection of system-wide instructional and non-instructional staff as requested by the Superintendent.


17.       Administer and coordinate system-wide staff development and recertification programs in the area of responsibility.


18.       Serve as the system's administrative representative to appropriate curriculum organizations.


19.       Supervise the administration of group testing programs (state/local); prepare analyses of test results; submit reports/recommendations to the Superintendent.


20.       Monitor, update, and develop guidelines as well as implement policy related to promoting or retaining students.


21.       Prepare for the Superintendent a system-wide budget for all areas of responsibility.


22.       Write grant proposals and supervise the implementation of such grants which support system-wide needs and goals within assigned areas of responsibility.  Also, assist, encourage, and promote such grant writing by all staff in appropriate areas.


23.       Act on behalf of the Superintendent of Schools in approving and supervising home school programs.


24.       Promote the identification and program planning for students whose native or home language is other than English.


25.       Serve as a resource person to school staff program implementation for bilingual students.


26.       Perform such other tasks and assume such other responsibilities as the Superintendent may assign from time to time.




·         The Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction must hold a Massachusetts State Certification of Number 81 Supervisor/Director or above.


·         A minimum of a Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree from an accredited college or university.



Terms of Employment:  A twelve month year in accordance with employment agreement for the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction.


Evaluation:  The Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction shall be evaluated annually by the Superintendent of Schools in accordance with the School Committee policy. 











Adoption Date: 7/8/1998
Job Description - Job Descriptions