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Athletic Department Secretary

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Athletic Department Secretary
Policy # JD4







Reports to:      Athletic Director, Building Principal and Assistant Principal at Bourne High School


Job Goal:        To expedite the daily activities of the Athletic Department; working

                        with the front office of Bourne High School; the Bourne Public Schools

Central Office Administration, students and athletes, teachers,   coaches, and parents; and to provide the assistance necessary for the Director of Physical

Education, Health, and Athletics to complete the responsibilities of his/her

job in an efficient and effective manner.




1.         Serve as receptionist in the Athletic Department;                                                       


2.         Type correspondence as requested for Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics (hereinafter referred to as the Director);


3.         Organize all of the clearinghouse information for all athletes at Bourne High School, including the records necessary to identify an athlete as an eligi ble player;


4.         Maintain records of physicals exams as they pertain to athletic competition;


5.         Provide periodic reports to Coaches as to the eligibility of athletes;


6.         Assist in the Athletic Department scheduling/canceling/postponing and rescheduling of athletic competitions;


7.         Organize and complete the transportation schedule for each athletic season;


8.         Provide directions to athletic competitions;


9.         Organize the scheduling of officials for all home athletic competitions;


10.       Organize the scheduling of event staff for all athletic competitions at home that require tickets;


11.       Assist in the supervision of athletic competitions;


12.       Prepare the press releases necessary for the purchase of season tickets for athletic competitions and the ordering and selling of those tickets;


13.       Complete the ticket sales reports for each athletic competition with gate receipts;


14.       Complete all necessary information to deposit gate receipts;


15.       Organize and record individual pay vouchers for all officials and prepares end of season report for the business department;


16.       Maintain the schedule of building facilities with the appropriate building administrators;


17.       Assist the booster clubs as necessary;


18.       Record and forward accident reports to the Principal’s/Headmaster’s secretary;


19.       Type purchase orders as needed;


20.       Maintain office supplies;


21.       Maintain all files for the Athletic Department;


22.       Maintain all inactive records for the Athletic Department;


23.       Prepare, type, and mail notices of meetings, as requested, to identified participants;


24.       Maintain photocopier in office;


25.       Keep Athletic Department information on computer;


26.       Provide assistance to all coaches, teachers, and other Health, PE, and Athletic Department staff and to other Athletic Directors as needed; and


27.       Maintain professional confidentiality in all matters.


28.       Answer phone and greet people in a friendly and courteous manner.


29.       Perform other duties as requested by Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics and the Principal/Headmaster, and/or Assistant Principal at Bourne High School.


30.       Assist in the preparation and implementation of the Athletic Department budget.




  • Successful completion of high school
  • Completion of business school/college courses desirable
  • Experience with secretarial work desirable
  • Facility with word processing and general computer usage desirable


Evaluation: Performance to be evaluated annually, in writing, by the Athletic Director.

Adoption Date: 1/1/1901
Job Description - Job Descriptions