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Athletic Director [1]

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Athletic Director
Policy # JD5







 Reports to:                  High School Principal and Superintendent


Job Goal:                      Direct the activities of the athletic program     


Supervises:                  Coaches, game help, and athletic related personnel




The Director of Athletics shall work one week before the regular school year commences, the regular school year, one week after the regular school year concludes, and any additional time that may be required to fulfill his/her duties and responsibilities as shall be determined by the Superintendent of Schools. The Director will be directly responsible to the High School Principal and the Superintendent.


The Director of Athletics shall be responsible for all athletic activities, cheerleading, and intramural programs (if they are held) in grades 5 through 12 within this school system.    


A.   Coaches


1.     Determines specific coaching responsibilities with staff members.


2.     Supervises, on a regular basis and evaluate the performance of all coaches and other personnel who are directing an activity in the sports program. Written evaluations for all coaches are to be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools at the conclusion of each sports season.


3.     Recruits and interviews candidates and make recommendations to the Superintendent of Schools concerning any personnel vacancy in the sports program.


4.     Provides appropriate supportive assistance to all coaches and directors of activities in the sports program.



B.     Leagues


1.      Maintains information on league rules, policies, rule interpretations and changes, and inform the Administration and School Committee of all developments.


2.      Attends necessary athletic meetings of the league.


3.      Keeps abreast of current issues in athletics.


4.      Is conversant and knowledgeable about rules and regulations by the state governing association.


5.      Makes recommendations to the high school principal concerning league functions.


C.     Scheduling


1.      The games for all school interscholastic teams.


2.      The use of facilities for all activities in the sports program


3.      Transportation for all activities in the sports program.


4.      Physical examinations for all athletes (if held under school direction) and insure that no athlete participates in an athletic program unless he/she has successfully passed a physical examination.


5.      Arranges for the proper chaperoning of all pupils directly participating in activities in the athletic program.


6.      Prepare a calendar of events for all athletic activities and arrange for its general distribution throughout the school system and community.


7.      Make all arrangements and provide all necessary personnel for home and away athletic contests.  


D.     Budget


1.      Prepares and submits to the Superintendent of Schools an annual detailed budget for all athletic activities and intramural programs (if these are held) for grades 9-12.


2.      Prepares, signs, and submits to the Superintendent of Schools all requisitions for the purchase of equipment, materials, and services for all programs within his/her area of responsibility.


3.      Is responsible for instituting and managing, with the Director of Business Services a system for collecting and accounting for sports user fees.



E.     Equipment and Facilities


1.      Is responsible for the requisitioning, receiving, and distributing of all necessary supplies and equipment within his/her area of responsibility.


2.      Supervises the maintenance, care, and storage of all supplies and equipment within his/her area of responsibility.


3.      Maintains an effective record system that will provide accountability for all supplies and equipment.


4.      Prepares an annual inventory of supplies and equipment for all programs within his/her responsibility.


5.      Makes recommendations and assist in the planning of any new facilities.


6.      Is responsible for having all facilities in good repair and ready for use for all scheduled activities.


7.      Supervises the use of athletic facilities by the members of his/her department.


F.  Public Relations


1.      Develops and maintains an effective public relations program.


2.      Solicits and maintains community support for the objectives and activities of the intramural and athletic programs.


3.      Prepares and distributes news articles and publicity releases concerning the sports programs, as needed.


4.      Is responsible for all game scores to be reported to the proper sources for appropriate publicity.


5.      Arranges for squad pictures for the press and yearbook.


G.    Coaching


1.      May coach one major sport each year as a head coach and may also be an assistant coach in one other sport during a season other than that of the head coaching position.


H. General


1.    Encourages the teaching of skills, team play, obedience to rules, good sportsmanship, school spirit, participation of many, and the building of character and leadership.


2.    Insures that the policies formulated by the School Committee are implemented.


3.    Directs and coordinates all athletic activities and programs so as to achieve the maximum effectiveness of such activities and programs for the total student body.


4.    Review with department personnel the various programs, the problems relating thereto, and to formulate the policies and plans aimed at keeping the programs functioning at a high level.


5.    Periodically evaluates the duties and responsibilities of his/her position and submits recommendations for additions, deletions, or alterations to the Superintendent of Schools.


6.      Submits written reports to the Superintendent of Schools as may be required.


7.      Maintain records of the following:

a.   Accidents

b.   Injuries

c.   Athletic awards

d.   Physical examinations

e.   Season records of athletic teams

f.   Gate Receipts


I. Miscellaneous


1.      In charge of all home athletic contests and attend as reasonably possible such events where
spectators are involved.


2.      Responsible for providing qualified officials and all other necessary personnel for these contests.


3.      Responsible for decisions on athletic game postponements and rescheduling of games.


4.      Establish regulations and procedures for the care and prevention of athletic injuries; i.e. scheduling of medical personnel at appropriate athletic activities.


5.      Supervises the Athletic Awards program.


6.      Administer and supervise the rules, regulations, conduct, and eligibility for participating students, with the input of principal.


7.      Coordinate with groundskeeper on preparation of facilities for all home athletic contests.


8.      Administer the athletic insurance program with the principal’s secretary.


9.      Meet the needs of all visiting teams for athletic contests.


10.  Coordinate the arrangements for ticket sales and receipts, with the Athletic Department secretary

Qualifications: Experience and training in the administration of athletic programs and experience coaching interscholastic athletics.


Terms of Employment:

1. One week before and after school year

2. Appointment on a yearly basis

3. Salary as determined by the Collective Bargaining Agreement

Adoption Date: 5/1/2009
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