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Bus Driver/Monitor

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Bus Driver/Monitor
Policy # JD6





Reports to: Director of Business Services and the Transportation Coordinator

Job Goal:  To transport students to and from a variety of school sites and to assure their safety while passengers in the school bus. Employees in this classification receive general supervision within a framework of standard policies and procedures. This job calss is responsible for ensuring the safety of all passenders including special education students while operating the assigned bus and for ensuring the assigned bus is in a safe operating condition at all times. Drivers may be assigned to dive wheelchair buses.

Essential Duties and Performance Responsiblities:

  1. Drives a school bus safely in accordance with time schedules; transporting student to and from their homes, a variety of school sites and on field trips as assigned.
  2. Operates a two way radio.
  3. Oversees the loading and unloading of students, releasing students to authorized individual; auures that safety belts are fastened.
  4. May operate a special ramp bus; loads and unloads students in wheelchairs on and off bus; inspecting wheelchair for operational safety and permitting only properly functioning wheelchairs to load; operates ramp, assuring seatbelts are fastened, positioning the wheelchairs in bus, and securing the wheelchair.
  5. Maintains order and proper discipline of passengers; resolving disputes, documents and reports severe disciplinary cases.
  6. Conducts established safety and operational inspection of assigned vehicle daily.
  7. Assures maintenance of bus in safe and clean operating condition; reporting needed mechanical repairs, sweeping interior of the bus daily and washing windows, services the bus with gas.
  8. Follows assigned route for drop off and pickup of students; provide other transporation needs as requested by supervisor, and adjust route for new and/or dropped students.
  9. Monitors students with special health problems while in bus; receiving written or oral instructions, being aware and alert to any signs of difficulty following prescribed instructions and procedures, and calling for emergency assistance.
  10. Replays messages and memos between parents and school staff to appropriate personnel.
  11. Maintains a variety of records and reports including but not limited to mileage, routing, maintenance, and time schedules.
  12. Attends meetings, programs, and in-service training as assigned.
  13. Maintains current required licenses and certificates.
  14. Notifies appropriate individuals of any delays in schduled route.
  15. Assistas with other routes when breakdown or other unusual circumstances occure as assigned.
  16. Performs other related duties as assigned.


  • High School Diploma
  • Thorough knowledge of the layout of the Town of Bourne. Must have good driving record and skills in driving
  • Ability to read written instructions and directions
  • Ability to interact well with children, as well as parents, educators, caregivers, and others
  • Must be able to communicate in writing information concerning students behavior and vehicle issues
  • Possession of valid Massachusetts class B (CDL) driver’s license with passenger and school bus endorsement, valid medical card, valid DTE certification
  • Ability to continuously pass random drug and alcohol testing
  • Ability to establish and maintain proper conduct and safety of passengers on school bus
  • Ability to accept and/or relate to students with a variety of exceptional needs
  • Knowledge of proper safety requirements of individual wheelchairs
  • Ability to exercise good judgment and extreme caution while operating a school bus
  • Ability to remain calm in an emergency situation
  • Ability to Recognize mechanical safety hazards in bus
  • Ability to Meet the physical requirements necessary to safely and effectively perform the required duties
  • Ability to Establish and maintain effective work relationships with those contacted in the performance of duties

Physical Demands:

  • Physical stamina and stature to load, unload, and secure wheelchair students
  • The skill to operate electrical/manual lifts on ramp buses
  • Moderate physical effort generally required in driving for extended periods of time, ability to physically assist some students to and from the bus may be required.
  •  Ability to lift a minimum of 75 pounds in case of emergencies or equipment failure.
  • Work is generally performed outdoors in a motor vehicle, with regular exposure to variable weather and road conditions; also has regular exposure to loud noises and noxious odors associated with vehicle operation and maintenance.
  • Operates a school bus as prescribed by MGL. Chapter 90, operates a two way radio/cell phone, may use hand tools for the general care and maintenance of equipment.
  • Fuels bus, checks all fluids and replaces as needed, may have to replace bulbs and flashers as needed.

Terms of Employment: Per Diem as scheduled Monday-Friday to be determined by the Director of Business Services at a rate set by the Bourne School Committee.


Adoption Date: 11/13/2012
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