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Central Office Secretary

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Central Office Secretary
Policy # JD7









Reports to:                  Director of Student and Special Education Services


Job Goal:                    To assist the Director of Student and Special Education Services in the         

system wide data management of the myriad of details and timelines involved in Student and Special Education Services.  Responsibilities relate to the coordination processes and procedures of the goals of 1) having a comprehensive, current, and efficient data-management system, and 2) meeting the legal data processing requirements of various programs.




1.                  Knowledgeable of the review and evaluation process and timelines.


2.                  Tracks this process for all special education students at all schools keeping updated ID rosters.


3.                  Processes all evaluation/re-evaluation referrals, second referral packets to schools or as designated within given timelines.


4.                  Records the collection and disposition of closed files after five years.


5.                  Oversees the processing and typing of all IEP’s at the Central Office.


6.                  Receives and screens all incoming calls to the Director of Student and Special Education Services and handles as many phone communications as possible.


7.                  Provides assistance in the preparation of a variety of reports related to student and special education services as requested.


8.                  Keeps a year long calendar of departmental events noting reports and meetings as required.


9.                  Types, sends, and files all correspondence of the Director of Student and Special Education Services.


10.              Develops and maintains the Pupil Personnel Services filing system--keeping specific current file area for—area resources, curriculum forms, grants, budgets, annual plans, OOD students, personnel files.


11.              Keeps specified files related to various Pupil Personnel Services programs—health services, transitional bilingual services, attendance, child abuse.


12.              Keeps an ongoing log of staff (all schools, all positions) and their daily schedules.


13.              Prepares notices and materials for staff meetings.


14.              Prepares invoices for OOD tuitions for payment.


15.              Types all purchase orders, distributes copies, checks all incoming goods, inventories all equipment, and distributes essential supplies to building staff when needed.


16.              Types confidential reports for itinerant and other staff, as assigned.


17.              Ensures system wide forms are kept in adequate numbers to meet system wide needs and that staff are adequately supplied.


18.              Keeps an up-to-date accounting of purchase orders sent.


19.              Keeps log of out of district students.


20.              Investigate various office equipment and software needed to advise on equipment/software selection.


21.              Utilizes computer systems, transferring information systems, as determined.


22.              Assembles materials for School Committee meeting packets.


23.              Performs other duties as assigned.




  • Successful completion of high school
  • Completion of business school/college courses desirable
  • Experience in secretarial work desirable
  • Facility with word processing and general computer usage


Terms of Employment:  12 month work year


Evaluation:  To be evaluated annually in writing by the Director of Student and Special Education Services.

Adoption Date: 3/1/2004
Job Description - Job Descriptions