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Title One


Title 1 Programming in Bourne Public Schools


Title 1 is a federal aid program to ensure a high-quality education for every child.  Funding is determined by a number of factors including the low-income percentage of the town as reported in the latest U.S. Census.  In Bourne, we have two Title 1 schools - Bourne Intermediate School and Bournedale Elementary School.  Neither program is  school-wide; rather, students are identified through formal and informal assessments as needing additional supports to achieve at grade level..  These students then receive targeted assistance in reading, writing, and/or mathematics during the school day.


Parental Involvement in Title 1

The staff of Bourne Public Schools understands the importance of parental involvement in the education of our children.  Because parents are our partners, we will actively solicit and encourage parents to be integrally involved in the educational process.  We will also ensure that our buildings exude a welcoming climate of mutual respect.  This plan represents our home/school collaboration to enhance and maintain a high level of parental involvement in our schools.   We will make this plan available in languages our parents understand and ensure that the plan is updated annually.


How are parents involved in the schools?

  • Parent-teacher conferences:  Parents and teachers meet regularly to discuss student progress and to strengthen our home/school partnerships.
  • Home/School Compacts:  Parents, students and schools develop agreements defining goals, expectations, and shared responsibilities.
  • Title 1/Family Nights at our schools:  Plans are made annually to hold family nights that make learning and application of new skills fun for everyone.  Parents are invited to collaborate with us in the planning of these nights.
  • Program Evaluation and Program Planning:  Each Title 1 school invites parents to join the planning process as they evaluate current programs and plan for the next school year.
  • Summer Reading Programs:  Parents and Title 1 teachers work together to combat the summer slump with summer reading programs and math activities that promote interactive parent/child activities
  • School Council:  Since 1994, school councils have been comprised of community members and an equal number of parents and educators from each school.   The school council’s primary responsibility is to annually update the School Improvement Plan based on student performance and need; additionally, the council acts in an advisory role for the principal on matters of budget.
  • PTO:  We have a district-wide PTO with building liaisons for every school.  PTO supports many enrichment activities in our district and officers meet regularly with the Superintendent of Schools.


How do parents and the schools communicate?

  • Parent/teacher conferences
  • Back-to-School nights
  • Our web site :  Every school has its own page for newsletters, etc. to keep parents well-informed. 
  • E-News:  Parents should sign up on our website to receive pertinent information from the schools and the Bourne community.
  • Email:  All staff members can be reached using email and we encourage parents to communicate in this way.
  • Phone:  We encourage parents to call schools when they have questions or concerns.  Parents can also expect the schools to call them whenever there are questions and/or concerns regarding their children.


Title 1 Staff

Bournedale Elementary School:  Kathy Aftosmes

Bourne Intermediate School:  Julie Rigo-Vogel

 Administrator: Dr. Barbara Starkie