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Bourne Advantage

Click here to shadow a Canalmen for a day and experience the Bourne Advantage.


Discover what the Bourne Public Schools has to offer for your students, and why parents and caregivers should choose Bourne Public Schools.  You have taken an important first step in your students education, by seeing what the Bourne Advantage is all about.  A school choice district serving students in grades preschool through grade 12, Bourne has what it takes at all grades levels to provide a top notch education to your students.  Our district is made up of four schools serving the following grades:

Bournedale Elementary School- Educating Students in Preschool through Grade 2

Bourne Intermediate School- Educating Students in Grade 3 through Grade 5

Bourne Middle School- Educating Students in Grade 6 through Grade 8

Bourne High School- Educating Students in Grade 9 through Grade 12  

Have a question about Bourne High School reach out through our  'Ask A Student' Email Program at   The BHS Guidance Department will then match inquiries to a Bourne High School Ambassador who can answer any questions and interact with the prospective student.

School Choice Application


  • Bourne participates in the Massachusetts School Choice program whereas families of non- Bourne Residents who are interested in enrolling students in Bourne Public Schools may do so K-12 based on availability. If students are accepted into the School Choice program they are considered a Bourne Public School student until graduation.
  • There is no tuition cost for a family to make this choice. If there is availability at a grade level students can be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the school year. If the number of spots are limited due to enrollment, BPS will do a lottery twice per year. Typically the first lottery for fall enrollment in the next school year is done in early April and then again in late August. Families will be notified of their status after each lottery.
  • If you are interested in School Choice please complete and print the application below. If there are multiple children in your family who you want to enroll in Bourne Public Schools, please complete an application for each.
  • Mail or drop off  a hard copy of the application and supporting documents to: Bourne Public Schools Administration Office, 36 Sandwich Road, Bourne, MA 02532

Application for School Choice


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