BPS Adopts New Core Values, Beliefs About Learning & Vision of a Graduate


Bourne Public Schools has been working on implementing a Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) to ensure the success of all students at all levels.  Our first step in this process was to identify our district’s core values and establish an understanding of what they look like when they are successfully implemented in our schools (classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, school events, etc.):

  • Be respectful

  • Be responsible

  • Be safe

While every school system may be unique, we are all connected by a shared aspiration: that all students have an educational experience that prepares them to be effective lifelong learners.

We recognize now more than ever, that a student’s educational experience must not only provide for the acquisition of rigorous academic content - it must also be more intentional about fostering critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and other 21st century skills our young adults need to thrive in this complex, rapidly changing world.

We believe that school staff, caretakers, and our community at large are all vital partners in the work of educating our students.  As such, we engaged our community in developing the Vision of a Bourne Public School Graduate, a collective vision that articulates the community’s aspirations for all students.  We believe that this work will reinforce our established core values and further enhance our efforts to implement MTSS district wide.

We asked stakeholders to help us identify the most critical 21st century competencies our students need to prepare them to be effective lifelong learners. This feedback was used to develop a shared vision of a BPS graduate that helps drive student learning, professional practices, learning support, and the provision and allocation of learning resources.

The end result is the Core Values, Beliefs About Learning & Vision of a Graduate document.


We thank you for your input in this process and for your continued support of our students and Bourne Public Schools!

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