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Executive Assistant for Educator Evaluation and Information Services

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Executive Assistant for Educator Evaluation and Information Services
Policy # JD23



Executive Assistant for Educator Evaluation and Information Services

Reports to: Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent for Learning and Teaching

Essential Duties and Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Ensure a positive and smooth experience for all staff members through to assimilation to the new evaluation system in the Bourne Public Schools.
  2. Educator Evaluation System Facilitator
    • Support building administrators in establishing evaluation timelines
    • Support building administrators with collection and record keeping of staff self-evaluation and SMART student learning goals and professional practice goals
    • Support the compilation of district determined measures
    • Conduct building-based compliance audits regarding established deadlines
    • Conduct building-based compliance audits regarding Formative Assessment Evaluations
    • Conduct building-based compliance audits regarding evaluator record collection of evidence
    • Create, update and refine electronic forms for the Educator Evaluation System
  3. Professional Development Coordination
    • Facilitate the effective use of Smart EDU or equivalent professional development software
    • Process all requests for graduate level courses, conferences, workshops, professional meetings, visitations to other school districts, or for acquiring CEUs and PDPs
    • Maintain accurate accounting for all professional development activities
  4. Process Field Trip request forms
  5. Active Directory Data entry/coordination
  6. Data processor/analyst - compiling operation statistics and gathering and organizing data as the superintendent/assistant superintendent may require including but not limited to cost analysis of collective bargaining proposals and counter-proposals
  7. Maintains Personnel files
  8. Maintains district website
  9. Student Information System Facilitator
  10. Facilities Use processor
  11. Pre-School tuition processor
  12. Process Office of Civil Rights complaints
  13. Technology work request processor
  14. Maintenance work request processor
  15. Clerical/purchaser support for the Waste Water Treatment Plant
  16. Central Office purchaser
  17. Electronic form developer
  18. Preparation and distribution of negotiations proposals, counter-proposals and Collective Bargaining Agreements
  19. Maintains seniority lists for all bargaining units
  20. Liaison to software/network vendors
  21. Process clerical tasks as required by the Director of Technology, 504 Coordinator and Civil Rights Officer.
  22. Report regularly to the superintendent/assistant superintendent on any developments or problems within the district that requires his/her awareness or action
  23. Sort Central Office mail
  24. Serve as a receptionist, answer telephones, and give general information in response to public inquiries.
  25. Perform other duties as assigned for the purpose of ensuring efficient and effective functioning of the Central Office.

 Physical Demands: 

Vision - Must be able to prepare and read documents and use a computer and other office equipment on a daily basis.

Auditory and Verbal Communication - Must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently by telephone and in person with School Committee members, staff, students, parents and the public.

Physical Abilities - Performing this position requires extended sitting, filing, and use of a computer and other school office equipment.

Extended Concentration, Excellent Recall Abilities and the Ability to Remain Calm in Stressful Situations - These capabilities are an important part of properly fulfilling the requirements of this position.


  • High School Diploma; at least five years of experience in one or more responsible administrative and/or secretarial positions
  • Such alternatives to the above as deemed appropriate by the Superintendent
  • Strong computer skills, including familiarity with Microsoft Office and Excel.
  • Detailed-oriented and high level of proficiency and accuracy in all duties.
  • Strong written and verbal skills
  • Ability to process, and appropriately maintain, sensitive, confidential material about employees and students
  • Ability to exercise discretion, work independently, and carry out complex assignments with general instructions
  • Ability to interact appropriately and in a positive manner with the School Committee, public, staff and students
  • Ability to learn and understand District rules and procedures and legal requirements
  • Ability to think ahead and anticipate problems and solutions
  • Ability to self-motivate
  • Ability to work in a team environment and develop cooperative and harmonious workplace relations


Salary: To be negotiated

Terms of Employment: Employment Agreement, 12 month work year, 52 weeks per year, 8 hours per day; plus one half hour non-paid lunch.

Evaluation: Evaluated annually by the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent




Adoption Date: 11/13/2012
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