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Grants/Revenue Analyst

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Grants/Revenue Analyst
Policy # JD25





Reports to:      Director of Business Services

Essential Duties and Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Maintains basis knowledge of and researchers as need the Department of Secondary and Elemtary Education's Finance Department Grants/Revenue accounting and auditing regulations, compliance requirements and program specifc laws and regulations.
  2. Maintains centralized records of all grant award notifications, initial grant budgets, budget revisions, claims for reimbursement, and all other forms of revenue.
  3. Prepares and submits periodic request for funds to the Department of Secondary and Elementary Education.
  4. Maintains account structures for all grants/revenue as directed by the Director of Business Services.
  5. Prepares and distributes to Central Office administrators chart-of-accounts based on approved grant/revenue budgets, budget revisions, and budget projections.
  6. Monitors expenditures to ensure line-item budgetary controls for all grants/revenue.
  7. Reconciles financial data for the purpose of maintaining accurate account balances and ensuring compliance with established accounting practices.
  8. Researches discrepancies fof financial information and/or documentation for the purpose of ensuring accuracy and adhering to established procedures prior to processing.
  9. Assists auditors, audit resolution and responses to grant findings.
  10. Prepares annual closeouts of all grants/revenue accounts including detailed accounts payable and accounts receivable to the Department of Secondary and Elementary Education.
  11. Assists in the preparation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports and the Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards.
  12. Identifies opportunities and recommends methods to improve service, work processes and financial performance.
  13. Works closely with the Director of Business Services, Accounts Payable/Payroll Lead regarding all payroll and benefits matters specific to grants and grant expenditures.
  14. Prepares and submits related reports and payments to the Massachusetts Teacher Retirements Board and the Barnstable County Retirement Board.
  15. Prepare projected grant payroll for successive fiscal years for budget preparations.
  16. Monitors account balances and related financial activity for the purpose of ensuring that allocations are accurate and complying with established financial practices.
  17. Utilizes specialized accounting software efficienty.
  18. Participates in meetings, in-service training, workshops, etc. for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required to perform job functions.
  19. Covers central office telephones when necessary.
  20. Performs other duties as assigned for the purpose of ensuring efficient and effective functioning of the business office.

Physical Demands:

Vision - Must be able to prepare and read documents and use a computer and other office equipment on a daily basis.

Auditory and Verbal Communication - Must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently by telephone and in person with School Committee members, staff, students, parents and the public.

Physical Abilities - Performing this position requires extended sitting, filing, and use of a computer and other school office equipment.

Extended Concentration, Excellent Recall Abilities and the Ability to Remain Calm in Stressful Situations - These capabilities are an important part of properly fulfilling the requirements of this position.


  • A post-secondary school education and degree or some portion thereof, and/or previous office experience in finance, accounting, or bookkeeping
  • Knowledge of statuary requirements related to the conduct of business in the public domain including general accepted accounting practices
  • Strong computer skills, including familiarity with Microsoft Office and Excel.
  • Detailed-oriented and high level of proficiency and accuracy in all duties.
  • Strong written and verbal skills
  • Ability to process, and appropriately maintain, sensitive, confidential material about employees
  • Ability to exercise discretion, work independently, and carry out complex assignments
  • Ability to interact appropriately and in a positive manner with the School Committee, public, staff and vendors
  • Ability to learn and understand district policies, rules and procedures and legal requirements
  • Ability to think ahead and anticipate problems and solutions
  • Ability to self-motivate
  • Ability to work in a team environment and develop cooperative and harmonious workplace relations

Salary: To be negotiated

Terms of Employment: Employment Agreement, 12 month work year, 52 weeks per year, Hourly employee not to exceed 35 hours per week.

Evaluation: Evaluated annually by the Director of Business Services

Adoption Date: 3/1/2004, Revised: 11/13/2012
Job Description - Job Descriptions