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Guidance Department Secretary

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Guidance Department Secretary
Policy # JD26






Reports to:                  Principal


Job Goal:                    To expedite the daily workings of the guidance office, dealing with central administration, students, teachers, and parents, under the direction of the Principal/Headmaster/Guidance Counselors, in such a fashion as to provide maximum facilitation of the overall educational process


Supervises:                  Student Office Aides




  1. Serves as the registrar for Bourne High School.
  2. Assists with registration of all new students.
  3. Prepares registration materials for counselors and administration.
  4. Assists in orientation of incoming students.
  5. Requests academic records, health records, and all other pertinent information for all transfer students. 
  6. Prepares and forwards to receiving school all transfer papers necessary for students withdrawing from Bourne High School. 
  7. Maintains a record of all transfer materials.
  8. Notifies all necessary teachers and administrative personnel of these transfers.
  9. Records and maintains all students’ cumulative files.
  10. Maintains a list of, and all information relative to tuition students.
  11. Serves as a receptionist for the Guidance Department.
  12. Types all correspondence, reports, and notices for counselors.
  13. Types quarterly honor roll, quarterly ineligible list, and monthly foster child report.
  14. Routes incoming departmental mail.
  15. Operates office equipment, machines, and computers.
  16. Coordinates flow of computer information and serves as network supervisor.
  17. Schedules appointments for students, parents, and counselors.
  18. Types and sends announcements and press releases concerning guidance activities.
  19. Maintains department’s college video and catalog library and file.
  20. Schedules visits for students and counselors to meet with college admissions counselors and representatives. 
  21. Assembles files and materials necessary to facilitate counselors’ correspondence.
  22. Facilitates work of school psychologists, adjustment counselor, and mentor tutors.
  23. Assists in the collection of fees for PSAT registration.
  24. Prepares transcripts for graduates as well as currently enrolled students.
  25. Prepares information on all available scholarships and college visits and disseminates the same to all seniors and school organizations.

  1. Prepares reports on awards and scholarships for graduation and other senior end-of-the-year activities. 
  2. Prepares and collates Central Scholarship application for scholarship program.
  3. Assists at Central Scholarship Committee Review evening.
  4. Provides National Honor Society advisor with student information.
  5. Maintains files regarding students’ class rank.
  6. Prepares mailing of summer school opportunities to failing students.
  7. Dispenses summer school information from five towns to students and parents.
  8. Assists counselors by recording summer school grades to transcripts.
  9. Assists in school opening procedures.
  10. Assists in planning and preparation of guidance department budget.
  11. Maintains and orders equipment and supplies for guidance department.
  12. Provides assistance to other secretaries within the building when necessary.
  13. Collects from teachers homework assignments for students absent from school for an extended period of time. 
  14. Maintains SIMS reporting and correct information for such.
  15. Distributes grade sheets and failure forms to teachers; collects and proofreads completed forms.
  16. Follows up with teachers on incomplete grades and enters corrected grades into computer.
  17. Assists with preparation of lists, forms, etc. for MCAS and Stanford 9 testing.
  18. Assigns homeroom for entering grade 9 and new students.
  19. Maintains records of 900+ locker numbers and combinations and assigns to entering grade 9 and new students. 
  20. Prepares updated Program of Studies biannually.
  21. Prepares updated profile annually.
  22. Prepares updated course selection forms annually.
  23. Participates in school’s Crisis Team.
  24. Prepares forms and collates completed information for student placement recommendations.
  25. Responsible for importing of student grades and printing of student report cards.
  26. Maintain professional confidentiality in all matters.
  27. Answer phone and greet people in a friendly and courteous manner.
  28. Performs other duties as assigned by the Principal or supervisors.




  • Successful completion of high school
  • Completion of business schools/college courses desirable.
  • Experience with secretarial work desirable.
  • Facility with word processing and general computer usage desirable.


Evaluation: Performance will be evaluated annually by the Principal and/or designee.

Adoption Date: 1/1/1901
Job Description - Job Descriptions