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High School Music Instructor/Band Director

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High School Music Instructor/Band Director
Policy # JD30








Reports to:      Building Principal or his/her designee


Job Goal:        To provide to students in music an understanding of the nature of the creative process, the characteristics of music and its importance in shaping and reflecting historical and cultural heritage, utilizing criteria set forth in the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.




1.      Plans a program of study that is based on criteria set forth toward in the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for music.


2.      Develop classroom lessons that will prepare students to demonstrate respect for musical work and performance.


3.      Provide instruction that will lead to students understanding that all art forms have multiple facets and involve multiple skills.


4.      Contribute to the community life of the school through music and related activities, not limited to but including community performances, parades, competitions, and other school related extracurricular activities.


5.      Provide opportunities for all students to perform as musicians at all levels of difficulty.


6.      Assess student instrumental players according to their individual ability to read and play music accurately and expressly, to improve their playing through rehearsal and to play as a member of an ensemble.


7.      Create learning environments where students examine and analyze classical, jazz, popular folk and contemporary musical works.


8.      Provide opportunities for students to communicate through their participation in music with emphasis on improvising, composing and arranging music.


9.      Provide opportunities for students to listen to musical performances with proper attention and audience protocol (such as performances in the auditorium, field trips, exchange concerts, etc.).


10.  Instruct students in ways of applying their knowledge of music to the study of English, World Language, Health, History, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Art and Drama (interdisciplinary connections)


11.  Assist with course curriculum review and development on an ongoing basis.


12.  Serve as school liaison to the middle school and high school parent booster organization.


13.  Familiarize oneself with music offerings and programs at the K-8 levels, supporting and assisting such programs as necessary.


14.  Arrange for and coordinate the use of “artists in residence” to work with students enrolled in the music program.


15.  Conduct individual and small group music lessons as appropriate


16.  Perform other related duties and tasks as designated by the Principal or his/her designee.




·         A Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university.

·         Maintains a valid Massachusetts teacher certificate appropriate for the assignment of instruction in music, grades 9 – 12.

·         Demonstrates the ability to work in a learning community environment.

·         Such alternatives to the above as the School Department may find appropriate and acceptable.

Adoption Date: 6/5/2005
Job Description - Job Descriptions