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High School Secretary to Assistant Principal/Discipline Secretary

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High School Secretary to Assistant Principal/Discipline Secretary
Policy # JD32








Reports to:                  Principal and Assistant Principal


Job Goal:                    To expedite the daily workings of the high school office, dealing with

Central Administration, students, teachers, and parents, under the direction of the Principal and Assistant Principal, in such fashion as to provide

                                    maximum facilitation of the educational process.




  1. Serve as a receptionist in the main office.

  2. Type all correspondence for the Assistant Pricipal.

  3. Establish and maintain a file of student addresses and telephone numbers.

  4. Assist in the preparatioin of the Faculty Handbook and Assistant Principal's Opening School Packet.

  5. Distribute and collect all federal affidavits.

  6. Mail notices/correspondence as necessary.

  7. Maintain a record of information relative to all disciplinary issues.

  8. Prepare, type, and mail forms relative to discipline.

  9. Coordinate distribution and collection of quarterly student progress reports.

  10. Prepare and distribute daily student and faculty bullitins, e-mail staff with notices as needed.

  11. Operate intercom system during the school day.

  12. Operate security system during the school day.

  13. Maintain photocopiers, distribute mail, and prepare bulk mailings.

  14. Provide assistance to other secretaries within the building when necessary, such as typing purchase orders, student obligations, and student insurance forms.

  15. Maintain in-house coverage sheets.

  16. Maintain student drivers' lists and extended absences.

  17. Maintain senior privilege list and renaissance lists.

  18. Maintain teacher duty assignments.

  19. Maintain schedule boards for main office, guidance, and special services.

  20. Maintain professional confidentiality in all matters.

  21. Answer phone and greet people in a friendly and courteous manner.

  22. Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal and Assistant Principal.



  • Successful completion of high school
  • Facility with word processing and general computer usage
  • Completion of business school/college courses desirable
  • Experience with secretarial work desirable


Evaluation: Performance will be evaluated annually in writing by the Principal and/or designee.

Adoption Date: 1/1/1901
Job Description - Job Descriptions