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In-School Suspension Monitor

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In-School Suspension Monitor
Policy # JD34







Reports to:                  Building Principal or designee


Job Goal:                    To provide continuous supervision of pupils assigned by the Administration to In-school suspension and after school office detention



  1. Continuous pupil supervision in the suspensio area and in the cafeteria when suspension pupils are eating.

  2. Maintain in-school suspension records as required by the Administration.

  3. Assist in gathering from appropriate teachers school work for pupils under suspension.

  4. Where necessary, provide classroom teachers with reports on class wok done by in-school suspension pupils.

  5. Assist students with assignments as necessary and appopriate.

  6. Make student data available and provide recommendations to the Administration for Student Study Team review.

  7. Maintain records and supervise after school office detention.

  8. Supervise Saturday morning detentions as arranged by the Principal or designee for additional stipend.

  9. Maintain professional confidentiality in all matters.

  10. Perform other duties and tasks as may be assigned by the school Pincipal or designee. 



  • Associates Degree or higher
  • Experience working with high school age students


Evaluation: Performance will be evaluated annually by the principal and/or designee.

Adoption Date: 5/5/2003
Job Description - Job Descriptions