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Mathematics Applications Teacher

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Mathematics Applications Teacher
Policy # JD42





Reports to:      Building Principal


Job Goal:        This position is responsible for working with students both in and outside of the classroom in developing competence in basic mathematical skills and an understanding of the structure of mathematics. Problem-solving and application of critical thinking in the area of mathematics as well as motivating students to apply mathematical understanding and skills in solving practical problems will be a focus of the Mathematics Applications teacher. Responsibilities also include frequent collaborating with classroom teachers in meeting the needs of students and sharing best practices in mathematics instruction.




1.      Data gathering and analysis to ascertain specific student needs.


2.      Development of multiple criteria and subsequent rank-order of students who need additional services in mathematics grades 1-6.


3.      Work with small groups of students to improve their mathematical knowledge and expertise with focus on skill acquisition and application of skills in solving practical problems.


4.      Ongoing assessments to monitor student growth and progress reporting.


5.      Collaboration with classroom teachers.


6.      Provide information and resources upon teacher request.


7.      Build and maintain collegial and collaborative relationships with staff.


8.      Other duties as assigned by the principal.




·         Proper licensure from the Massachusetts DESE in mathematics; elementary certification may be considered.

·         Advanced degree and coursework in meeting divers learning needs in mathematics preferred.

·         Three to five years teaching experience with demonstrated ability to effectively plan and execute mathematics instruction.

·         Demonstrated knowledge and use of a variety of instructional methodologies, resources, assessment approaches, and technologies to meet varied needs of learners.

·         Strong interpersonal/communication skills to build effective relationships with staff and parents.

·         Commitment to lifelong learning and active investigation of evidence-informed instructional practices in mathematics.


Position Type: Full-time, funded through Title 1

Adoption Date: 6/6/2012
Job Description - Job Descriptions