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Mathematics Coach

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Mathematics Coach
Policy # JD43







Reports to:      Building Principal, Title I Director, or Assistant Superintendent for Instruction


Job Goal:        To interact with mathematics teachers in the schools in Bourne to increase their knowledge of math and to assist them in finding ways to teach math creatively, comprehensively, and successfully.


                        Success will be measured by an increase in standardized and state mandated test scores, a swell as by demonstrate confidence by the faculty and students in their appreciation of math and by their willingness to think creatively.




1.                  Work with individual teachers to assess their knowledge of math and their teaching styles and strategies.

2.                  Facilitate the development of appropriate instructional materials/strategies for classroom teachers by making suggestions, offering insights, sharing information, and demonstrating lessons.


3.                  Teach model lessons in the classroom and follow up with the teacher to assess benefits


4.                  Participate on curriculum committees and provide input relative to new system-wide policies, procedures, and guidelines which affect the math curriculum or instruction.


5.                  Work with teachers to understand, analyze, and use data to improve instruction and to write instructional plans based on data; work with teachers to identify students’ learning needs and create differentiated math instruction on a regular basis.


6.                  Co-teach lessons where appropriate.


7.                  Plan and participate in building and district level math projects and activities for students, parents, and the community.


8.                  Provide and submit reports as needed.




  • Massachusetts Certification in mathematics


Evaluation: Performance will be evaluated annually by the Building Principals and Assistant Superintendent.

Adoption Date: 8/4/2004
Job Description - Job Descriptions