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Middle School General Secretary

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Middle School General Secretary
Policy # JD47







Reports To:     Building Principal or his/her designee


Job Goal:        To expedite the daily workings of a school office, dealing with the Central Administration, students, teachers, and parents, under the direction of the school principal/headmaster, and in such a fashion to provide maximum facilitation of the overall educational process of the school




1.         Serve as a receptionist in the main office.

2.         Establish and maintain a file of staff and student addresses and telephone numbers.

3.         Call parents on issues related to student attendance and dismissals.

4.         Operate intercom system during the school day.

5.         Monitor the security system and all visitors to the building.

6.         Maintain attendance registers.

7.         Compile Federal Affidavits.

8.         Email notices to staff as needed.

9.         Report student enrollment and staff absences to Central Office daily.

10.       Monitor student absentee answering machine daily.

11.       Assists in securing substitutes for faculty members.

12.       Prepare daily student attendance list. 

13.       Prepare printouts as needed by administrators/miscellaneous.

14.       Keep Family court petitions for truant officer.

15.       Type monthly reports for central office.

16.       Maintain log of incoming and outgoing students.

17.       Type teacher notices on a daily basis.

18.       Type suspension reports and give to appropriate staff.

19.       Fax or send miscellaneous student records to other schools.

20.       Maintain record of substitute teachers who covered for teachers/assistants who were absent.

21.       Arrange for in-house substitute coverage when no substitute is available.

22.       Maintain records of teachers’ free periods are recorded in case they are needed.

23.       Maintain a record of custodians who are absent.

24.       Answer telephone and greet people in a friendly and courteous manner.   

25.       Update year round/files and forms in the front office file cabinet .

26.       Responsible for maintaining necessary paperwork related to the cafeteria program.

27.       Update monthly calendar of school events.

28.       File all state mandated reports.

29.       Assist in the preparation of orientating new staff by preparing forms, etc.

30.       Assist in the preparation of student grades with the Principal.

31.       Generate honor roll list/type on disk: send to local newspaper.

32.       Type memos and correspondence for Principals’/Counselors from time to time.

33.       Maintain professional confidentiality in all matters.




  • Successful completion of high school.
  • Familiarity with word processing and general computer usage.
  • A proven ability to work in a polite and friendly manner.
  • Such alternatives to the above as the School Department may find appropriate and acceptable.



Evaluation: Performance will be evaluated in writing annually by the Principal.

Adoption Date: 6/7/2000
Job Description - Job Descriptions