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Middle School Learning Coach

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Middle School Learning Coach
Policy # JD48





Reports to:      Building Principal


Job Goal:        This position is responsible for supporting middle school teachers in their development and implementation of active, collaborative, and technology-based learning strategies to meet the needs of all students within inclusive learning environments. The Learning Coach will engage in personalized interaction with teachers based on student and teacher needs, use effective communication and feedback methods, assist teachers in the use of assessment data for instructional planning, and provide support and resources in the development and sharing of promising new practices and technological learning tools. As needs are identified, the Learning Coach may facilitate workshops, conduct informal group discussions, meet with individual teachers, model instruction in the classroom, and/or co-teach. The Learning Coach has no administrative evaluative responsibilities.




1.      Collaborate with staff in selection and use of data to improve instruction.


2.      Promote exploration and use of innovative practices – universal design for learning, differentiation, and technology – to ensure all students have access to meaningful and effective learning opportunities.


3.      Provide information and resources upon teacher request.


4.      Build and maintain collegial and collaborative relationships with staff.


5.      Other duties as assigned by the principal.



·         Proper licensure from the Massachusetts DESE in reading and/or mathematics.

·         Advanced degree and coursework in meeting diverse learning needs preferred.

·         Three to five years teaching experience with demonstrated innovation as a classroom teacher that includes meaningful use of technology.

·         Demonstrated knowledge and use of a variety of instructional methodologies, resources, assessment approaches, and technologies to meet varied needs of learners.

·         Skilled collaborator with strong interpersonal/communication skills to build effective relationships with staff and parents.

·         Commitment to lifelong learning and active investigation of innovative evidence-informed instructional practices.


Position Type: Full-time, funded through Title 11A

Adoption Date: 6/6/2012
Job Description - Job Descriptions