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Job Descriptions

Series Job Description - Job Descriptions    
Accounts Payable/Payroll Lead JD1
Category 1 - In-Class Support/Inclusion ESP JD85
Category 1 - Kindergarten ESP JD86
Category 1 - Library ESP JD87
Category 1 - Pre-School ESP JD88
Category 1 - Title I ESP JD89
Category 2 - Job Coach/FAST ESP JD90
Category 2 - Student Specific ESP JD91
Category 3 - Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) ESP JD92
Category 3 - Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) ESP JD93
Category 4 - Technology ESP JD94
Computer Systems Support Specialist JD10
Coordinator of Health, Physical Education and Athletics JD11
Custodian JD12
Director of Business Services JD14
Director of Student and Special Education Services JD15
Director of Technology JD16
Early Childhood Liaison JD17
Elementary Department Head for Reading and Literacy K-4 JD18
Elementary School Secretary JD19

Secondary Assistant Principal

BIS Assistant Principal

BES Assistant Principal




Elementary Special Education Coordinator

Elementary World Languages Teacher JD21
English As A Second Language (ESL) Teacher Assistant JD22
Executive Assistant for Educator Evaluation and Information Services JD23
Executive Assistant for Human Resources and Communications JD24
Grants/Revenue Analyst JD25
Guidance Department Secretary JD26
Head Custodian JD27
High School Attendance/General Secretary JD28
High School Department Head JD29

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Assistant Superintendent for Learning and Teaching



High School Music Instructor/Band Director JD30
High School Principal's Secretary JD31
High School Secretary to Assistant Principal/Discipline Secretary JD32
Humanities Director JD33
In-School Suspension Monitor JD34
Library/Media Center Teacher JD35
Kindergarten Teacher Assistant JD36
Learning Coach JD37
Library Assistant JD38
Licensed Practical Nurse/School Health Assistant JD39
Athletic Department Secretary JD4
Literacy Coach K-4 JD40
Maintenance Personnel JD41
Mathematics Applications Teacher JD42
Mathematics Coach JD43
Middle School Computer Science Teacher JD44
Middle School Engineering Technology Teacher JD45
Middle School Family and Consumer Science Teacher JD46
Middle School General Secretary JD47
Middle School Learning Coach JD48
Middle School Secretary to the Principal JD49
Athletic Director JD5
Music Instructor/Band Director JD50
Network Administrator JD51
Nurse Leader/Head Nurse JD52
Occupational Therapist JD53
Personal Care School Nurse JD54
Physical Education Teacher Assistant JD55
Principal JD56
Reading Specialist JD57
School Building Monitor (Bourne High School) JD58
School Bus/Van Driver JD59
Bus Driver/Monitor JD6
School Health Assistant JD60
School Nurse JD61
School Psychologist JD62
Social Worker/Adjustment Counselor JD63
Software Integration Manager JD64
Special Education Department Head Grades K-4 JD65
Special Education Services Secretary JD66
Special Education Teacher Assistant JD67 
Special Education Teacher JD68
Speech and Language Teacher Assistant JD69
Central Office Secretary JD7
STEAM Director JD70
Student Services Director - Early Elementary JD71
Superintendent of Schools JD72
Student Services Director - Intermediary Grades JD73
Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds JD74
Student Services Director - Secondary JD75
Teacher JD76
Teacher Assistant JD77
Teacher of English Language Learners JD78
Teacher of the Arts JD79
Classroom/Computer Assistant JD8
Title I Teacher JD80
Title I Instructional Assistant JD81
Transportation Coordinator JD82
Working Supervisor for Custodians and Maintenance JD83
Clerical Assistant/Teacher Assistant


(PreK-5) and/or (6-12) Curriculum Director JD84
Speech and Language Pathologist JD95
Physical Therapist JD96
Substitute Teacher JD97
Intervention Teacher JD98
Executive Assistant Special Education and Student Services JD99
Long Term Sub Teacher JD100