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K - Community Relations

Series K - Community Relations
School-Community Relations Goals KA
School/Parent Relations Goals KBA
Non-Custodial Parents' Rights KBBA
Relations with Parent Organizations KBE
Public Gifts to the Schools KCD
Public's Right to Know KDB
District Website and Social Media KDCB
News Media Relations/News Releases KDD
Public Complaints KE
Public Complaints Regarding Discrimination KE-E
Public Complaints About School Personnel KEB
Public Concerns About School Personnel and Other School Issues KEB-R
Public Complaints About The Curriculum or Instructional Materials KEC
Community Use of School Facilities KF
Community Use of School Facilities KF-R
Computer Lab Usage and Guidelines KF-RA
Public Solicitations in the Schools KHA 
Advertising in the Schools KHB
Visitors to the Schools KI
Relations with Police Authorities KLG
Relations with Planning Authorities KLJ
Relations with Local Governmental Authorities KLK