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Personal Care School Nurse

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Personal Care School Nurse
Policy # JD54







Reports to:      Superintendent of Schools, Building Principal/Nurse Leader and Director of

Student and Special Education Services


Job Goal:        To provide professional health care and guidance as they pertain to the total medical needs of an individual student.





1.      Asses, evaluate, and monitor the specific health needs and medical condition of the assigned student(s) throughout the school day.


2.      Provide daily health services and emergency care to the assigned student(s) in case of injury or sudden illness.


3.      Maintain the assigned student’s medical file.


4.      Obtain the appropriate medical release of information form and update student’s medical file as needed.


5.      Function as the primary liaison with the student’s parent(s) and health care providers on all matters pertaining to the student’s medical condition and records.


6.      Consult with and advise the student’s teachers and parent(s) on relevant health matters as they pertain to the assigned student.


7.      Assist the assigned student(s) throughout the school day with regard to medical issues and provide the student(s) with academic accommodations and modifications as needed.


8.      In the assigned student’s absence, assist in the Bourne Public School’s Health Department as assigned by the Superintendent, Director of Student and Special Education Services, Nurse Leader and/or Building Principal.


9.      Monitor the student’s absenteeism with regards to health related issues and consult with parents and school officials as needed.


10.  Continually pursue professional training to keep skills current, participate in in-service training programs, attend courses, etc., and attend departmental meetings.


11.  Notify Nurse Leaser regarding nurse’s absence.


12.  Other duties as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools, Director of Student and Special Education Services, Nurse Leader, and/or Building Principal.




·         Valid license to practice as a Registered Nurse in Massachusetts.


·         Certification in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.


·         Knowledge of school health and school nursing practice.


·         Certification by the State Department of Education as a School Nurse.



Terms of Employment:  School Year



Evaluation:  In accordance with the terms and condition as delineated in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Adoption Date: 6/5/2002
Job Description - Job Descriptions