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Physical Education Teacher Assistant

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Physical Education Teacher Assistant
Policy # JD55






Reports to:                  Building Principal, Assistant Principal, PE Department Head,

Athletic Director, and assigned physical education instructors


Job Goal:                    To assist the classroom instructor through the supervision of

                                    students assigned in the physical education program.




1.                  Assist as assigned in the implementation of the daily program as directed by the classroom instructor/s.


2.                  Supervise students assigned to the PE program either in small groups or individually.


3.                  Maintain attendance and appropriate records of information for those students under his/her supervision.


4.                  Supervise and monitor the gym and designated locker room at the beginning and conclusion of each class period.


5.                  Assist the instructor in seeing that the locker room and gym areas are secure during class time.


6.                  Be cognizant of student safety at all times and immediately report potential safety issues to the instructor.


7.                  Participate in designated in-service and staff development programs where relevant and appropriate.


8.                  Assist the classroom instructor/s with the distribution and collection of locks for student lockers in the locker room.


9.                  Inventory equipment as may be assigned by the classroom instructor/s or PE department head.


10.              Assist in providing for the proper care and maintenance of equipment.


11.              Maintain professional confidentiality in all matters.


12.              Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Principal/Assistant Principal, PE Department Head, Athletic Director, or assigned PE instructor(s).



  • Associates Degree or higher
  • Experience working with children
  • College level courses in education preferred


EVALUATION:  Performance will be evaluated annually by the principal and/or designee.

Adoption Date: 3/1/2004
Job Description - Job Descriptions