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Series Job Description - Job Descriptions

Policy # JD56







Reports to:      Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent



Job Goal:        To provide leadership and an atmosphere in the school that promotes high expectations, student success, and public support.


Supervises:      All personnel assigned to the school directly or in cooperation with

appropriate other administrators.





1.      Provide leadership for instruction in the building.

a.       Encourage and support the development of effective programs which recognize individual student differences.

b.      Organize and supervise the evaluation and assignment to appropriate regular and special needs educations programs and facilities.

c.       Establish with the staff school goals, programs, and priorities consistent with those of the school system.

d.      Supervise the use of system-wide curricula within the building and provide recommendations for program development, improvements, and revisions to the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction.

e.       Work with appropriate staff as a resource in the development, assessment, and implementation of programs and curricula.

f.       Establish rapport with students and be responsible for discipline within the building and during school related activities.

g.       Directly monitor the methods, style, and outcomes of instruction being provided in the building.


2.       Work to create a school environment in which, staff, students, and parents can develop a mutual sense of trust, participation, understanding, and productive interaction.

a.       Respond to ideas and opinions with openness and consideration.

b.      Operate with understanding and appreciation for the value, process, and dynamics of groups and interpersonal interaction.  Acknowledge the inevitability of occasional conflict of opinion and assist people in working constructively and cooperatively towards resolutions.

c.       Delegate authority where appropriate to encourage initiative and participation in decision making.

d.      Create an image of leadership by maintaining a physical presence daily in classrooms, corridors, and school functions.

e.       Model through personal behaviors the high standards that are expected of staff and students.

f.       Organize and conduct an orientation of all new staff in the building and provide support and opportunities for communication throughout the person’s initial employment.


3.      Promote the professional growth of all staff members.

a.       Promote a supportive atmosphere in which all staff are encouraged to seek assistance on continually improving performance and achieving of professional goals.

b.      Provide effective supervision for all staff members using a variety of appropriate supervisory strategies.

c.       Implement the process of staff evaluation and make recommendations for improving election to tenure and dismissal of staff.

d.      Set general and individual goals with each staff member.

e.       Conduct regular staff meetings that provide an opportunity for involvement in decision making, increased knowledge of educational issues, and enhance the Principal’s image as an educational leader.

f.       Maintain a comprehensive system of written documentation relating to all staff strengths and weaknesses.


4.       Promote self professional growth.

a.       Actively attempts to keep abreast of developments in technique, philosophy, and content in the professional relating to administration, supervision and evaluation, teaching practice and subject areas.

b.      Demonstrates knowledge and application of subject matter and philosophy.

c.       Takes advantage of courses, in-service training to improve competency when needed.


5.       Provide leadership for effective and efficient building organization.

a.       Develop and implement a daily schedule for students and staff that provides for efficient and flexible use of physical and human resources.

b.      Assign available staff to assure the most appropriate and equitable assignments.

c.       Maintain records of students and staff under systems designed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of records according to local, state, and federal regulations.

d.      Maintain operational procedures that respect and guarantee the rights of all students and staff.

e.       Work with staff to develop effective techniques for selection, use, storage, maintenance, inventory, and distribution of appropriate instructional materials, equipment, and supplies.

f.       Develop building enrollment projections and other statistical information as needed.

g.       Development building procedures consistent with system needs that enroll, orientate, and assimilate students and parents into the school environment.

h.      Supervise the care and maintenance of the school plant.

i.        Develop with staff an effective safety program and a program for monitoring safety issues.

j.        Develop an effective program for the selection and utilization of substitute teachers.


6.       Procedural tasks

a.       Coordinate, prepare, and administrator a budget that reflects the needs of the pupils, staff, programs, and plant, and is consistent with system-wide guidelines.

b.      Keeps necessary records and makes needed reports for the benefit of students.


7.      Assessment

a.       Shows competence in the use of interpretation of appropriate and varied testing instruments and processes to diagnose, teach, and evaluate.

b.      Shares assessment results with staff and community and encourages planning for student improvement.


8.       Work cooperatively on matters of system-wide concern.

a.       Cooperate with administration to develop positions on critical issues affecting the system.

b.      Attend School Committee regular meetings unless mutually agreed with the Superintendent that attendance is not necessary.

c.       Attend School Committee subcommittee meetings when appropriate.

d.      Attend Administrators’ Meetings requested by the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent.

e.       Serve, where appropriate, on curriculum and other committees, groups, and school related studies.


9.       Support other Principals and Central Office staff in matters of shared concern.


10.  Observe local school regulations, policies, and school laws as they apply to a principal’s responsibilities.




·         A Master’s Degree of higher, with a major in educational administration preferred.

·         A valid state certificate for the principal position

·         At least three years of successful  teaching experience as a classroom teacher at an appropriate level

·         At least three years of successful experience in public school administration and supervision preferred

·         Such alternatives and additions to the above that the School Committee deems to be in the best interest of the Bourne Public Schools


Terms of Employment:  As agreed to with the Bourne School Committee.

Adoption Date: 7/5/1989
Job Description - Job Descriptions