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Reading Specialist

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Reading Specialist
Policy # JD57






Reports to:      Building Principal


Job Goal:        To provide supportive instructional services to grade one students.

To provide resourceful leadership to teachers regarding issues associated with reading instruction.




1.      Provide direct instructional services to students.

2.      Periodically evaluate programs of instruction.

3.      Provide information regarding assessment and evaluations to staff and parents.

4.      Appropriately inform the principal of issues related to the reading/language arts program in grade one.

5.      Facilitate the development the development of appropriate instructional materials/strategies for classroom teachers by making suggestions, offering insights, sharing information, and demonstrating lessons.

6.      Participate on curriculum committees and provide input relative to new system-wide policies, procedures, and guidelines which affect the reading/language arts curriculum or instruction.

7.      Assist in the assessment of kindergarten students and make recommendations regarding appropriate placement of students.

8.      Attend regularly scheduled staff meetings.

9.      Prepare and submit reports as needed.


Qualifications: Must have a Massachusetts Teacher of Reading certificate.


Evaluation: Shall be evaluated annually by the building principal in accordance with the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Adoption Date: 4/11/2000
Job Description - Job Descriptions