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School Psychologist

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School Psychologist
Policy # JD62





Reports to:      Director of Student and Special Education Services


Job Goal:         The School Psychologist will facilitate and coordinate psychological services in assigned schools to insure that each child receives the psychological services required to be a successful student.




1.      Performs psychological testing, projective, and personality testing.

2.      Performs psychoeducational testing.

3.      Performs individual counseling of students centering around school issues; i.e. academic, peer, interpersonal skills, self-esteem.

4.      Provides group counseling of students centering around school issues, behavior/learning issues, peer relationships, coping mechanisms, frustration level, and learning disability students.

5.      Provides consultation with staff.

6.      Attends TEAM meetings and Review meetings.

7.      Conducts classroom observations for consultation to teacher, observes behavior patterns of child, interaction between child and teacher, child and peers.

8.      Holds parent conferences around behavior issues, peer problems, academics, learning problems.

9.      Attends weekly Child Study Meetings.

10.  Participates in conferences, workshops, and in-service.

11.  Performs any other duties, etc., as assigned by PPS Director.

12.  Attends to crisis intervention—children at risk, especially on mandated issues such as 51A’s.

13.  Provides coordination for children at risk with school social workers, SAC, and Guidance Department.

14.  Member of the Crisis Intervention Team; member of school team for children with potential abuse and neglect.

15.  Member of Post Traumatic Death Response Team.

16.  Attends monthly meetings with PPS Director.

17.  Is a member of the Early Childhood Team, as assigned.

18.  Interagency involvement with DSS, DYS, court system, interagency contact, involvement and consultation.




·         Certified by the Massachusetts Department of Education

·         Masters Degree


Evaluation: To be evaluated annually by the Director of Student and Special Education Services.

Adoption Date: 8/5/1992
Job Description - Job Descriptions