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Software Integration Manager

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Software Integration Manager
Policy # JD64







Reports to:                 Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent


Job Goal:                    This position is responsible for managing multiple software projects to ensure how software is deployed and used in the Bourne Public Schools. This position will develop and prioritize various software processes and/or initiatives supporting strategic direction and state reporting as required by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the U.S. Department of Education and other state or federal agencies. This position will determine tactical direction with regard to research, analytical and usage study needs required and/or requested by administrators, teachers and end users. Expectations include an ability to build a rapport and develop relationships with internal staff and external vendors, and utilize project management skills to manage implementation activities. This position must manage project life cycles and ensure target completion dates are achieved.




1.      Proactively identifies areas to improve the effectiveness of projects and processes.


2.      Uses systemic and team oriented approach to gather information, extract data and solve operational or technical problems.


3.      Develops ad leverages relationships with BPS staff members and vendors to promote success.


4.      Demonstrated knowledge of educational software solutions and the ability to implement and troubleshoot products or educate end users in the context of their unique software environment.


5.      Develops Data Migration strategies through effective project management, software integration and development.


6.      Develops software models and action plans that are modifiable, dependable and scalable.


7.      Develops and implements necessary process to ensure data uniformity and integrity within specified databases and to report this data as required by various state agencies in a timely manner according to stated deadlines.


8.      Works with BPS stakeholders to monitor and track data for irregularities; researches data irregularities.


9.      Plans, develops, coordinates, and manages multiple data gathering and reporting projects simultaneously that may cut across functional and organizational lines.


10.  Acts as the key data reporting liaison between The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Bourne Public Schools.


  11.  Supports, assigns tasks, supervises and evaluates the Data Clerk.


Key Competencies:


  • Public school software delivery management experience
  • Ability to learn quickly and understand complex information without difficulty
  • Highly effective written and verbal communication skills and the ability to assimilate complex instructions and make reliable interpretations
  • High level of self motivation and the ability to multi-task
  • Able to think ahead and anticipate problems, issues and solution


  • Enthusiasm and demonstrated passion and understanding of issues related to sustainability, climate change and knowledge sharing.
  • Ability to work in a team environment and develop cooperative and harmonious workplace relations
  • Displays a sound knowledge of technical applications and maintains currency in the profession
  • Knowledge of quality software standards, legislation and best practice
  • Motivates individuals and teams to achieve high performance
  • Tactful, diplomatic and works with integrity






·        Minimum five years of experience in a public school setting

·        Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in technology or related field

·        Must have experience in the deployment and management of administrative and informational technology systems

·         Must have experience and/or working knowledge of federal and state educational technology compliance requirements such as e-rate, technology planning, SIMS, EPIMS, and SCS

Adoption Date: 6/29/2011
Job Description - Job Descriptions