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Special Education Teacher

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Special Education Teacher
Policy # JD68









Reports to:      Building Principal and Director of Student and Special Education Services


Job Goal:        To assist students determined eligible for special education services to

minimize the impact of their disabilities and maximize their mastery of the

Massachusetts Curriculum Standards. This assistance may be completed

through the assessment of students’ skills, the development of specially

designed lessons and units, the modification of curriculum and materials

and the planning, developing and executing of individual learning

programs both in the general education classroom and in substantially

separate settings.




  1. Complete evaluations, observations and written reports, with recommendations, within compliance timelines. 
  2. Participate in student IEP meetings as required.
  3. Develop measurable goals and objectives for each assigned student’s IEP.
  4. Collect data related to the IEP goals and objectives on a regular basis.
  5. Provide specialized instruction based upon students’ individual needs as determined through the Individualized Education Program (IEP) in general education classroom or specialized learning center. 
  6. Instruct small groups following all regulatory requirements.
  7. Design, develop and maintain effective learning environments.
  8. Assist in the development and implementation of behavior intervention strategies as outlined by IEPs, 504 plans, behavior support plans, or other document designed to enhance student availability to learn.

  1. Complete IEP progress reports within the required timeline and according to district established protocols. 
  2. Provide consultation to staff/student support teams as it relates to students with disabilities.

  1. Participate in the building based support team process, response to intervention process and special education process for students in assigned grade/age level.

  1. Supervise and train teaching assistants to provide the maximum utilization of their time and skill. Provide clear and concise directions, instructions and feedback to all classroom staff.

  1. Assist classroom teachers in the development of modifications of the regular education program in order to accommodate students with disabilities in the classroom.

  1. Ensure that all IEP accommodations are being implemented in regular and separate settings. Consult with chairpersons, building administration if concerns arise.

  1. Demonstrate competence with all available district technology and utilize to enhance student learning. 
  2. Communicate with parents, teachers and other IEP team members to provide a program that will ensure effective progress.

  1. Provide management assistance with physical and behavioral needs. 
  2. Review and maintain standards based upon current special education regulations.
  3. Attend and participate, as requested, in all school meetings according to contract.
  4. Complete other duties as assigned by the Principal or designee.
  5. Provide additional assistance to the Director of Student and Special Education Services as requested.   
  6. Observe the Bourne Public Schools standards of professional conduct in all instructional goals and activities, including the protection of students and exact observation of emergency procedures.                       




  • Bachelor’s Degree/Master’s Degree Preferred.
  • Massachusetts Department of Education Certificate – Appropriate Grade Level.


Evaluation: To be evaluated annually by the Principal and/or the Director of Student and Special Education Services according to the requirements of the contract.

Adoption Date: 3/1/2007
Job Description - Job Descriptions