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Student Services Director - Intermediary Grades

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Student Services Director - Intermediary Grades
Policy # JD73

Bourne Public School District

Functional Job Description


Title: Student Services Director - Intermediary Grades

Reports to: Principal(s) and Director of Special Education and Student Services

Essential Duties and Performance Responsibilities

1.      Implements all aspects of Educator Evaluation System

  • Observes and evaluates special education personnel
  • Assists in development of Developing Educator, Directed Growth, and Improvement Plans
  • Collaborates with educators in the execution of Developing Educator, Directed Growth, and Improvement Plans
  • Actively monitors educator progress in meeting requirements of Developing Educator, Directed Growth, and Improvement Plans

2.      Special Education Administrative Team Chair Person

  • Serves as the chairperson for team meetings regarding students
  • Understands and implements federal, state, and local laws, policies, regulations, and procedures and protocols including the implications of liability and requirements of due process
  • Assists the Director of Special Education and Student Services and the building principal in finding the best combination of educational programs and other services for each child with special education needs
  • Ensures the implementation of all programs and placements as determined by the Team meeting process
  • Coordinates and schedules testing and diagnostic procedures within mandated timeline as they relate to the suspected area of disability
  • Coordinates extended day and/or year services for eligible students
  • Coordinates the referral process, Team meeting process, and ensures all required paperwork is completed
  • Assist in the coordination and in some cases provide staff development and workshops/trainings regarding special education topics
  • Facilitates department meetings for special education staff
  • Participate in transition meetings both within and outside the district
  • Oversees the transition and referral process of students
  • Facilitate and maintain communication and working relationships with parents, outside agencies, and community resources
  • Assures adherence to the Department of Education Coordinated Program Review Standards
  • Coordinates, facilitates, and communicates with the building principal all of the appropriate testing accommodations necessary for MCAS and other district wide assessments (GRADE, GMADE, etc.)
  • Facilitates and monitors all requests for Home/Hospital tutoring once approved by the Director of Special Education and Student Services
  • Member of the Student Study Team (SST)

3.      Building Based Attendance Officer

  • Monitors individual student’s daily attendance and participation in school
  • Communicates with parents and families regarding attendance expectations and individual student absences.
  • Acts as the liaison between the school and the district court for all services related to children within the school building
  • Files and maintains appropriate attendance related forms and documents with school and court
  • Works with school personnel regarding individual student attendance

4.      Participates in recruitment, hiring, and mentoring of special educators

5.      Performs other duties as assigned by school or district administration

Physical Demands

Must be able to prepare and read documents and use a computer and other office equipment on a daily basis.

Auditory and Verbal Communication - Must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently by telephone and in person with School Committee members, staff, students, parents and the public.

Physical Abilities - Performing this position requires extended sitting, filing, and use of a computer and other school office equipment.

Extended Concentration, Excellent Recall Abilities and the Ability to Remain Calm in Stressful Situations - These capabilities are an important part of properly fulfilling the requirements of this position.


  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree; licensure in the area of special education and/or school administration
  • Experience at the elementary and middle school levels is preferred
  • Such alternatives to the above as deemed appropriate by the Superintendent
  • Strong computer skills, including familiarity with Microsoft Office and Excel.
  • Detailed-oriented and high level of proficiency and accuracy in all duties.
  • Strong written and verbal skills
  • Ability to process, and appropriately maintain, sensitive, confidential material about employees and students
  • Ability to exercise discretion, work independently, and carry out complex assignments with general instructions
  • Ability to interact appropriately and in a positive manner with the School Committee, public, staff and students
  • Ability to learn and understand District rules and procedures and legal requirements
  • Ability to think ahead and anticipate problems and solutions
  • Ability to self-motivate
  • Ability to work in a team environment and develop cooperative and harmonious workplace relations

Salary: To be negotiated

Terms of Employment: Employment Agreement, school year plus 15 additional days

Evaluation: Evaluated annually by the Principal and Director of Special Education and Student Services

Adoption Date: 5/1/2013, Revised: 5/3/2017
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