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Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds

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Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds
Policy # JD74





Reports to:      Director of Business Services


Job Goal:        The Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds is responsible through the Director of Business Services to the Superintendent of Schools for maintaining the physical school facilities in a condition of operating excellence, cleanliness, and safety so that full educational use may be made of them at all times.



A.      Budget Preparation


1.       Assist the Director of Business Services with the preparation and administration of the District’s custodial/maintenance budget.


2.      Work with Principals and building custodians of the District to help plan, prepare and administer their custodial budgets.


3.      Assist in the preparation of specification for custodial/maintenance supplies and equipment to be advertised for bid.


B.     Equipment


1.      Recommend selection of the custodial/maintenance supplies and equipment to be used.


2.      Have an understanding and be able to operate all machinery and equipment used in the District.


3.      Keep informed of new developments, machinery and equipment which may improve the District’s overall condition.


4.      Shall be responsible for the supervision of the safe and efficient operation of all custodial/maintenance equipment.


C.      Operations and Procedures


1.       Shall develop and implement long-range maintenance programs for the District.


2.      Shall conduct regular inspections of all buildings and confer with building principals and custodial staff regarding problems and concerns.


3.      Supervise and coordinate snow removal for the school district.


4.      Supervise and coordinate any groundskeeping procedures as needed by the District.


5.      In conjunction with the building administrators, review and approve maintenance work orders.


6.      Service as consultant to building principals and their custodial staff.


D.      Personnel


1.       Supervision and assigns work to all maintenance department employees


2.      Together with building principals, supervises and assigns work to all custodial employees.


3.      Prepare written evaluation, following District guidelines, for all custodial/maintenance personnel.


4.      Trains and keeps personnel informed of all new and improved methods in maintenance, custodial care and groundskeeping.


E.      Other Duties


1.       Perform such other duties as may be deemed appropriate or assigned by the Director of Business Services.

Adoption Date: 10/6/1999
Job Description - Job Descriptions