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Series Job Description - Job Descriptions

Policy # JD76








Reports to:      Principal, Assistant Principal and Department Head


Job Goal:        To instruct students in accordance with the educational philosophy, course objectives, and curriculum of the District.


To provide maximum learning opportunities for students in accordance with program objectives and each student’s abilities, interests, and needs.


To continuously develop his/her professional knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors in order to improve the educational opportunities of his/her students.




A.     Instruction

1.                  Instructs students in accordance with the District’s philosophy of education, policies, and curriculum.


2.                  Directs the teaching/learning process toward the achievement of program goals, establishes specific objectives for all lessons, and communicates these objectives to students.


3.                  Is prepared to instruct students assigned and has written documentation (e.g., plan book) of preparation.


4.                  Diagnoses the learning needs of students in terms of the curriculum objectives on a continuous basis and seeks the assistance of District specialists as required.


5.                  Employs a variety of instructional techniques, materials, and instructional media, consistent with the needs, interests, and abilities of the students and the objectives of the curriculum.


6.                  Assesses the progress of students in terms of curriculum objectives on a continuous basis and provides progress reports as required.


7.                  Sets a positive example for students and community by demonstrating respect and concern for students and an awareness of community values.


B.     Classroom Management

1.                  Manages and fully utilizes class time for instructional purposes.


2.                  Establishes and maintains a classroom environment conducive to learning and teaching.


3.                  Assists the administration in implementing policies and/or rules governing student life and conduct, and maintains order in the classroom in a fair and just manner.

4.                  Promotes appropriate student behavior and attends to students’ misbehavior when it occurs in the teacher’s presence or whenever it is brought to the teacher’s attention (e.g., hallways, cafeteria, washrooms, and grounds).


5.                  Takes reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials and facilities.


C.     Organization

1.                  Conducts school-related activities in conformity with School Committee policies and administrative regulations.


2.                  Cooperates with administrators and others in developing and supporting school activities and maintaining an atmosphere conducive to learning and teaching.


3.                  Establishes and maintains productive working relationships with colleagues and supervisors.


4.                  Maintains accurate student records as required by law, School Committee policy and administrative regulations. 


5.                  Takes and records attendance accurately in classes and/or homeroom, notes attendance patterns and reports unusual and/or excessive absenteeism to supervisory personnel and parents.


6.                  Conducts routine assignments with accuracy, promptness and efficiency.


7.                  Maintains an accurate inventory of materials and supplies used in carrying out assignments.


8.                  Performs all other duties as required by the school administration.


D.     Parent/Community Relationship

1.                  Makes provision for being available to students and parents for education-related purposes.


2.                  Establishes and maintains communication (oral and written) with students and their parents concerning both the academic and behavioral progress of all assigned students.


3.                  Solicits appropriately the help of parent(s) as required in the education of their children.


4.                  Maintains good humor, enthusiasm, initiative, and integrity with students and parents and has a positive working relationship with them.


E.     Curriculum Development

1.                  Assists in the development of curriculum and methods of course/students evaluation in cooperation with department colleagues and the administration.


F.      Professional Development

1.                  Incorporates constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement in performance made by superordinates.

2.                  Continuously self evaluates professional effectiveness in areas of curriculum classroom performance, and teacher-student, staff and community relationship in order to maintain and/or improve professional competence.


3.                  Keeps abreast of new developments in his/her instructional discipline(s) and successful educational. Practices and programs in order to improve the quality of the educational experiences of his/her students.




·         Massachusetts Certification.

·         Demonstrated ability to instruct secondary school students and to maintain purpose and order in the classroom and all other areas of the school.

·         Commitment to continuously improve professional competence.

·         Demonstrated ability to design and deliver instruction to facilitate learning consistent with the philosophy, goals, curriculum and policies as established by the School Committee and the needs and interests of the students.


Terms of Employment: Salary, benefits, and work year established by agreement between the Bourne School Committee and the Bourne Education Association. 


Evaluation: Performance shall be evaluated by the Principal and/or his/her desinees. 

Adoption Date: 8/4/2004
Job Description - Job Descriptions