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Title I Instructional Assistant

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Title I Instructional Assistant
Policy # JD81






Reports to:             Title I Director and Pricipal

                                Directly responsible to Title I Teacher


Job Goal:               To provide instruction in identified skill areas to eligible students as outlined in the Title I

                               proposal; to assist the Title I Director in the implementation of the Title I progam

                               guidelines and regulations. To assist all students in reaching Massachusetts standards

                               in English, language arts and mathematics curriculum.




1.   Assist the Title I teacher in testing within the first four weeks of school.


2.   Assist the Title I teacher in the development of schedules within the first month of school.


3.   Provide 5-6 instructional sessions per day in a small group or individual basis, instruction determined   by the Title I teacher and/or classroom teacher.


4.   Assist in the development of individual instructional objectives for each

      Title I student.


5.   Prepare and maintain data collection for program management as directed.


6.   Assist the Title I teacher in the selection of students.


7.   Share information with necessary staff regarding program and pupil progress.


8.   Complete all mandated reports within given time lines.


9.   Attend system-wide in-services, staff development workshops, PAC activities, as warranted.


10. Assist with supervising students as determined by the building principal.


11. Maintain professional confidentiality in all matters.


12. Perform other duties as requested by the director and/or building principal.




·         Two years of college; completed Associate’s Degree

·         Demonstrated a genuine interest in children.

·         Exhibit effective written and oral self-expression skills.


Evaluation: Job performance will be evaluated annually by the Principal and Title I Director, with input from the teacher.


Adoption Date: 1/1/1901
Job Description - Job Descriptions