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Title I Teacher

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Title I Teacher
Policy # JD80







Reports to:                 Title I Director and Building Principal


Job Goal:                    To provide leadership for the Title I staff members and LEA staff members.  To provide instruction in identified higher order thinking skills to eligible students as outlined in the consolidated grant application.  To serve as a resource person and consultant regarding questions of student achievement. To assist all students to reach Massachusetts Standards in reading and mathematics curriculum.




1.                  Serve as a resource to the Title I staff and other staff on the policy and procedures of the Title I program guidelines and regulations.


2.                  Be responsible for the selection of eligible students using established criteria.


3.                  Develop tentative schedules for all assigned Title I staff during the first two weeks of school by reviewing   schedules of classroom teachers and supervisors.


4.                  Provide 4-6 supplementary instructional sessions per day in the co-teaching format within the classroom as support or on a small group or individual basis.


5.                  Analyze and/or administer assessments to identify selected areas of skill needs and progress.


6.                  Develop individual pupil profiles for the remediation of pupil’s skill needs and to set goals quarterly for each student in coordination with the classroom teacher.


7.                  Organize and maintain a progress file for each Title I student to be compiled in an ongoing fashion all year.  The file should contain:  parental contact log, assessments, instructional objectives, parental permission, and progress reports.


8.                  Share information with classroom and special needs teachers, as well as parents, regarding student progress.  Represent on Child Study Team on behalf of student.


9.                  Complete all program-mandated reports within the given time lines.


10.              Assist assigned Title I staff in the completion of program reports, records.


11.       Share program information with the principal and other school staff regarding schedules,   eligibility lists, student selection, and student needs to be addressed in  the  program.


12.              Organize and facilitate building Title I staff training meetings at least once per month.

13.              Attend one meeting per month with the Director of Title I.


14.              Perform any other duties as required by the Title I Director and/or Building Principal.




·         Massachusetts certification in elementary education with a concentration in reading preferred.


Evaluation: Performance will be evaluated annually by the Building Principal.

Adoption Date: 1/1/1901
Job Description - Job Descriptions