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Transportation Coordinator

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Transportation Coordinator
Policy # JD82







REPORTS TO:           Director of Business Services


SUPERVISES:                       School Bus Drivers




1.                  Normal daily transportation of students to and from school.


2.                  Special needs transportation.

a.       In district

b.      Out of district

c.       Summer school/camp


3.                  Scheduling of athletic trips.


4.                  Late runs

a.       detention and after school activities

b.      athletic late buses


5.                  Scheduling changes associated with early release days.


6.                  Maintenance of Bourne School Department vehicles (buses).


7.                  Inspection of Bourne school buses:  notification, attend in order to track condition of buses, follow-up on all failures.


8.                  Conduct school bus evacuation drills (twice yearly).


9.                  Maintain a current transportation directory of contractors and drivers as well

as vehicle registration numbers, contract expiration dates, V.I.N. numbers.


10.              Act as a liaison between the Director of Business Services and bus contractors.


11.              Act in an advisory capacity to the Director of Business Services as regards changes in contract language relevant to either the operation of buses or specifications of buses.


12.              During weather emergencies, provide road condition information necessary in determining whether schools will be open or closed.


13.              Any other such duties may from time to time be assigned by the Director of Business Services.


EVALUATION:  Performance will be evaluated annually by the Director of Business Services.


WORK YEAR:  Year round position


WORK DAY:  In office – handles day to day scheduling—changes, complaints, field trips, athletic trips; otherwise, on call and must be accessible and prepared to deal with any and all emergencies.

Adoption Date: 1/1/1901
Job Description - Job Descriptions