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Working Supervisor for Custodians and Maintenance

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Working Supervisor for Custodians and Maintenance
Policy # JD83





Reports to: Director of Business Services

Essential Duties and Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Supervises the operation and care of the school buildings and grounds.
  2. Performs custodial and/or maintenance work on a less than full time basis in accordance with the needs of the system as determined by the Director of Business Services.
  3. Consults with the Director of business Services on appropriate maintenance, grounds keeping, security and custodial requirements for school buildings and the waste water treatment plant.
  4. Implements work assignments and routines established by the Director of Business Services that provide adequate staffing for daily operations, events, and snow removal.
  5. Inspects all school buildings, grounds and installations on a regular basis to determine that high standards of workmanship, cleanliness, safety, and security are maintained.
  6. In consultation with building administrators, supervises all custodial and maintenance staff, including performance appraisals, disciplinary action, and when needed, recommendations for discharge supported by appropriate documentation and procedures.
  7. Assists in developing and conducting employee training as required or as becomes necessary.
  8. Implements and supervises preventative maintenance schedules for the School System buildings and grounds.
  9. Maintains inventory of major equipment, vehicles, tools and supplies related to custodial and maintenance functions.
  10. Carrying out such related duties as may be assigned by the Director of Business Services.


  • Five years of successful experience in building maintenance and/or custodial service.
  • Applicable trade license preferred.
  • Knowledge of building maintenance and cleaning practices, supplies, equipment, and building operational systems.
  • Ability to work cooperatively with school personnel, local and state regulatory personnel, local municipal officials, vendors providing cleaning services and/or supplies, other vendors providing services and the general public.
  • Class B Vehicle Operators License.
  • Any certification legally required for handling, storage and disposal of hazardous materials.

Physical Demands:

  • The position requires moderate physical effort. The position requires the delivery of a full range of custodial services to the public. Several hours a day will be spend walking, standing, sitting and climbing whenever necessary. Crawling may also be occasionally required. Must be able to tolerate heights. Activities include frequent physical exertion in body movement such as reaching, bending and twisting. The position also requires frequent pulling and pushing of materials. There is frequent lifting of weights up to 40 lbs. and over 40 lbs occasionally.
  • The position requires ability to work outside in adverse weather conditions; must be able to work in all areas under construction or renovation.


Terms of Employment: 12 month work year, on a flexible schedule covering day and evening shift activities (typically 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM), plus additional time as necessary, in accordance with contractual and/or collective bargaining agreement as applicable.

Adoption Date: 11/13/2012
Job Description - Job Descriptions